happy lamps and ugly sweaters


Outfit Details:

Simply Fabulous glasses – c/o Bonlook
t-shirt and hat – Topshop

pants – Zara

flats – Madewell 

I headed home to Florida for the holidays, and the timing couldn’t be better. With the New York weather so chilly, damp and dark, I’ve been spending most of my days indoors. This happens to me every winter; I become a crazy cat lady hermit and I have to kick myself in the pants to snap out of it. SAD is real and I’m quick to fall into it like a sucker, so maybe it’s time I invest in a happy lamp. After all, I can’t always make a break for Florida! Except I am doing exactly that in March, with Cotton (my saviors) – along with the rest of the Fashion Influencers and our grand prize winners.

We’re counting down to the final days for submissions, so make sure you submit your look before noon on January 7th. We’ll be taking 6 regional winners with us to South Beach for Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show and an ultimate VIP experience, and I really want one (or six!) of you to come along for the experience. Did I mention you’ll also win $2,500? I was going to say “Think of all the happy lamps you could buy,” but then I remembered you’ll be in South Beach, so there will be no need for them. Also, leave your super awesome sweaters at home, because Floridians don’t appreciate them. And by Floridians, I mean my family. I wore an amazing, super so great, vintage horse and cowgirl sweater on the plane and when I got here, my mom and two sisters made the same exact comment (at separate times): “Keiko, the ugly sweater party isn’t until this weekend.” THANKS, JERKS.

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