Ready Is

Bobby’s Outfit Details:

jacket – Topman

shirt – J.Crew

glasses – Bonlook Jungle Chic

Bobby is forever on the go. Working as a bartender at two different locations means he’s mixing drinks and being social day and night; he often works from the early afternoon until the wee hours of the morning. His busy schedule even keeps him from going home for the holidays, so I give him his gifts early, and it often includes a new fragrance, since he likes to switch it up a lot. HUGO BOSS asked us to participate in their #ReadyIs campaign, test out their BOSS BOTTLED and BOSS BOTTLED.NIGHT. fragrances and show how they can keep a man ready day and night. I took that literally and documented Bobby’s shift from day to night – from casual and fuss free to buttoned up and ready for work. He paired the BOSS BOTTLED fragrance, which is fresh and light with a hint of warmth, with a more casual look for day. This one is my personal favorite of the two; it can work for day or night.


Outfit Details:

shirt and tie – H+M

suspenders – thrifted

tie bar – vintage

pants – Zara

Bartending isn’t just about mixing drinks – it’s a must to be hyper-social and active throughout the night. BOSS BOTTLED. NIGHT. has a deeper, overtly masculine scent that can permeate a crowded bar scene without being overpowering. 

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p.s. Thank you, HUGO BOSS, for giving Bobby and me a chance to work together!
It was nice to be on the other side of the camera. He’s a photogenic
guy, isn’t he?

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