hooray for haircuts

Outfit Details: 

cotton lace tee – c/o Rebecca Taylor 

belt – Anthropologie (old) 

skirt – Topshop 

Nothing But Trouble heels – c/o Seychelles

Payton glasses – c/o Lookmatic

lipstick – MAC Captive

First, since I happen to be wearing a new cotton lace blouse and a cotton belt, I figured this would be a good opportunity to remind you to keep voting in Cotton’s Road to the Runway. We’re down from 48 to 24 finalists, and the remaining contestants need your help in deciding who will be accompanying us to South Beach for Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show. Secondly, I finally got a haircut! So friends and family who have been listening to me threaten to shave my head on a daily basis, fret not. That urge has been suppressed.

I often get comments about how I should wear my hair down more often. You’re not the only ones who think that; my friends and family are always on my case about it, too. I have this weird thing about wearing my hair down – I don’t like the feeling of hair on my neck, so I end up putting it in an updo halfway through the day or sooner. I’m a little strange, what can I say? But since I just got my hair cut and colored (by Tim and Flores at Arrojo), I’ve decided to wear it down a little more often. It feels a lot lighter without all the extra length, and the shorter layers up top make it so that I can roll out of bed and it will still look cool. Hooray for haircuts! 

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