let it snow

Outfit Details:

hat – Bobby’s

coat – c/o WiNK

tank – Parker

shorts – Free People

sweater – thrifted
boots – c/o Hunter

Bobby’s jacket is the Coach Clarkson Jacket

Looking at these photos make me realize two things: my hair is really short now (in comparison to these), and our South Beach trip with Cotton is less than a month away (we’re down to the last twelve finalists – please vote to see who will join us at Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show!). Ah, Florida. No heavy coats needed there. That being said, I am a lover of snow. I remember the first time I saw it: it was my first year living in NYC. My roommate and I, both born and bred in Florida and having never seen snow before, immediately ran outside to see it and were giddy like little kids. To this day, snow gets me pretty excited. If it’s going to be cold, you might as well be able to make snow angels. That’s what Miku did all day, clearly – she made tiny puppy snow angels. She was made for this weather! 


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