throughout the years

Outfit Details:

Rose Garden Dress and sweater socks – c/o Free People

thrifted bow belt

Seychelles platforms (c/o)

MAC Russian Red

Miku is wearing a bow shirt c/o Martha Stewart Pets (she says thank you!)

My apartment is filled with many little treasures I’ve collected throughout the years. Most of the decor throughout my place is either vintage, antique, or handmade/independent – with a few exceptions. I like having more unique pieces, and I especially love the hunt. What’s even better is that most of what I have around my apartment cost me next to nothing or nothing at all. I think this set of chairs (there are four of them) was one of the most expensive furniture purchases I made, and it still cost less than a set from Ikea. My most recent purchase was that framed floral artwork in the upper right corner of the photos, which I found for a whopping $20 on a day trip with some friends in New Hope. My mom taught me well. Thanks, ma!

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