LA Instagram Photo Diary

Helena and I took a little trip to Los Angeles, this week. I just dropped her off at the airport, but I’ll be here until Tuesday. Follow along on instagram @keikolynn.

Top to bottom, left to right:

1) Flower crown from Emerging Thoughts, made by Kimbly.

2) We all scream for ice cream! At Sprinkles.

3) Corey Lynn Calter blazer. Always a joy to see Corey and Shana!

4) Ice cream and a telephone dress by Family Affairs. Use code KEIKO for 20% off (limited time).

5) Helena in her Corey bomber, sitting at The Mondrian, where we stayed.

6) I used the hand decoration at The Mondrian as a holder for my Elizabeth and James sunglasses.

7) and 8) Bobby surprised me and had flowers delivered to my room. It was so funny, because they accidentally attached a “Happy Anniversary!” balloon and card, even though he asked for it to say “I Love You!” (it’s not our anniversary)

9) We stopped by Lovers + Friends to check out their collection, and also took a sampling of their candies.

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