My week, on instagram.

My week, on instagram. Follow me at @keikolynn.

Left to right, top to bottom:

1) Bobby and me.

2) A lovely package from You Smell. (It says “Divine. Thanks to us!” on the back)

3) Peonies!

4) Vintage hat, Free People dress, Souchi cardigan, Vanessa Mooney bodychain, vintage bag, Carol Marie bangles.

5) Wanderlust + Co bracelet,  BaubleBar bracelet, Coach watch.

6) My favorite show (Arrested Development) is coming to Netflix for another season, and they set up a banana stand in NYC to promote its return. Naturally, I made the trip to see it!

7) I have no life, as you can see. Miku’s wearing some fake glasses from Forever 21, and a vintage flower comb. We are best friends.

8) My beautiful mom and my sisters (before Tessa came along, of course!) I’m the one with all of the bracelets. I loved to pose with my hand to my face. Still do.


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