That Fellow

Dolce Vita “Alma” top, Elizabeth and James “Lafayette” sunglasses, MAC “Forever Rose” Pro Longwear Lipglass.

I’m not the most romantic gal in the world; I never quite grew out of the “Ewww…icky love stuff!” stage, which is usually reserved for childhood. What I’ve come to realize is that it’s not the actual romance that makes me uncomfortable – just the showiness of it. I would like to think it’s pretty clear that I’m rather fond of Bobby, considering we’ve been together for so many years, even if I’m not constantly shouting it from the rooftops. I try not to saturate the internet with millions of lovey dovey couples photos (although those might pop up from time to time, obviously), but I absolutely adore and appreciate him. He, however, is probably better at expressing it – and I love him for that. When Helena and I arrived back at The Mondrian in LA, these flowers were waiting for me, just because. Gerbera daisies are such happy flowers and he knows they are a favorite of mine, but what made this bouquet absolutely perfect was the attached card and matching balloon that said, “Happy Anniversary!” Why? Because it wasn’t our anniversary, and the florist made a mistake. But it made me giggle [and giggle itself is a really funny word, if you think about it], and that made it even better. I think it all sums our relationship up quite well: colorful, charmingly imperfect, and full of laughs. He’s a nice boy, that fellow. 

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