Lovers + Friends + Carnival Games

Outfit Details:

Lovers + Friends Angel dress – c/o Lovers + Friends

Blaine Denim Jacket – c/o Denim and Supply

Seychelles Ampersand heels

Coach Haley Legacy Satchel

Tom Ford Nikita sunglasses – c/o Shades Daddy 

watch – c/o La Mer Collections
vintage hat – Playclothes in Burbank

I can’t remember if I mentioned this before, but Bobby won this Coach Haley Legacy Satchel  for me at their Highline Carnival! After realizing he was really good at winning the strength test (the one where you hit it with a mallet and ring the bell to win), he played that a handful of times and got me the grand prize. What a boyfriend! And what a muscle man. Meanwhile, I’ve never won a carnival game in my life. I am usually thrilled if I even get the puny prizes they give as consolation. Do you know how many finger traps and sticky hands I had, growing up? Not enough, because I couldn’t even win those. Womp womp.

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