It’s all fun and flamingos.

Outfit Details:

Topshop neon coat

vintage dress

Kate Spade sunglasses

Via Spiga “Wray” boots (c/o)

rovimoss first class satchel (c/o) 

MAC Girl About Town lipstick

I was walking through Brimfield, perusing the antiques and oddities, when I spotted this lonely flamingo in need of a home. Even though I was supposed to be looking for an old farm table and perhaps a sofa, at the moment it seemed like an extraordinarily pressing purchase. The heart wants what the heart wants. In retrospect, it was an extraordinarily awesome purchase. I carried him around all day, and you wouldn’t believe what a conversation starter it was. Or maybe you would, because who wouldn’t want to talk to a person with a flamingo under her arm? I started wondering what it would be like to be the guy who walks around with his cat perched on his head (New Yorkers, you know what I’m talking about). Well, I didn’t actually think about that at the time, but I did just now and it’s worth a mention. Anyway, I named him Floyd because he’s pink (get it?) and I like alliteration in small doses. The end.

p.s. I didn’t get a sofa, but I found a table.

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