Superheroes and Sly Foxes

Outfit Details:

Bobby’s beanie (it’s this style from Target)

Anthropologie toggle coat(on sale! and extra 25% off with code warmup

ASOS babydoll Fox dress

Cole Haan Breslyn oxfords (on sale! extra 30% off with code newyear)

I stopped by the studio for a bit, before I left for Florida, and managed to get a few snaps of my airport ensemble. I’ll admit, it’s a little more put together than I usually manage for a flight – my uniform is usually jeans and an oversized shirt of some sort – but I just felt like wearing a fox themed dress. Sometimes that happens, and I just have to go with it. It’s like my little nephew, Ryder, and his desire to wear superhero capes for even the most ordinary tasks. Outing with the family? Gotta wear the cape. Naptime? A cape, or maybe a cowboy getup, if he’s feeling unpredictable. Playtime? Definitely a cape. One should never deprive themselves of superhero capes, and the same goes for animal print dresses. Or anything that will make your day just a little bit happier, for that matter. Life’s too short; wear what you want.

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