Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve.

Kate Spade “Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve” coin purse. Photo from my instagram.

– How cute is this lips cross body bag? Also, check out my Hot Lips collection for more lip themed items! #followitfindit

– Any news that starts with “Florida man” (or woman, for that matter) is going to be super weird or awful…or both. Further proof.

– My talented cousin Jeremy Groves released an amazing single, Stay The Night. Give it a listen!

– I’ve never been fond of wearing bathing suits (bring on the kimono and sun hat, please!) but this retro inspired suit might change my mind.

Lipstick Affirmations. Yes.

– Bobby and I are taking a road trip to Nashville, for his birthday! Any stops we should make, along the way? Recommendations for once we’re there?

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