Bonjour, Paris!

“I’m strictly a tourist, but I couldn’t care less.”

Outfit Details:

tba (to be adored) scalloped organza dress  (worn with a petticoat)
thrifted bow belt

Coach motorcycle jacket (old)
h+m boater hat (old)

Lancaster Paris “Betty” bag (c/o)

Karen Walker “Anytime” sunglasses

Seychelles “Ampersand” heels

Between Florida, Nashville, Florida (again), Paris, North Carolina, Paris (again), and Florida (again), it seems like I’ve barely been home. Some of these trips were for pleasure, some for work, and some for unfortunate circumstances – but they all taught me the same thing: it’s important to slow down, to enjoy life and the ones you love. Truth be told, I barely remember 2013 – save for the heartache it caused me – and 2014 was starting to look like the same. But I made some changes, shifted my priorities, and have been making this the year of living for each moment and cherishing what and whom I have around me. I spent so much time fixating on the past and worrying about the future, it completely paralyzed me. Now, I just want to keep on moving forward, even if I’m tiptoeing at a snail’s pace, from time to time. I wasted so many beautiful days that could have been filled with grand adventures or even good conversation, because I let my anxiety and depression get the best of me, because I let circumstances beyond my control dictate my every breath and being. No more of that, I swear; this time it’s for real. I’ve been proactive in my decision to progress, let go, to heal and to grow.

Here’s to starting over, no matter how many years it takes to get you to your new beginning. I’ve been told I’m incredibly resilient, and I bet you are, too. Let’s make the rest of the year an adventurous one.

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