Shapeless dresses

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thrifted dress – old, but this one from ASOS is very similar

Miu Miu sunglasses

I know, this dress makes me look like I’m pregnant (I’m not). But even if it does, I really like it, which is why it’s stayed in my closet for so many years. If you’ve been following my blog for more than just this post, you probably know that I often-slash-always wear flowy or shapeless dresses that could probably fit a few of me in them, so I’m a little surprised when someone assumes that me wearing a flowy or shapeless dress automatically means I must be pregnant. I can only make my own assumption that it’s merely what I’m wearing, which makes one draw that conclusion – but somehow, it still gets under my skin. I’m human, and I have my own hangups and insecurities. Aspirationally body positive or not, there are only so many times I can be asked that question without getting self conscious. Regardless of how well-meaning an inquiry may be (though I’ve had plenty of mean-spirited ones to completely quash those), it stings. The worst part is, I get so many lovely comments from all of you – and yet, here I am, focusing on the baby bump speculation. I hate that. 

So can we make a pact, right now? Can we please promise one another that we will never again ask a lady if she’s pregnant, ever ever ever? Maybe I’ll let it slide if she’s wearing a shirt that says, “As me about my bun in the oven!” But only maybe, because I have been known to wear a “Greatest Dad On Earth” shirt from time to time – and I am not a father, just a fan of silly thrift store shirts. I’m also a fan of shapeless dresses or ones with an empire waist that show no curves, but not to disguise a bump or even hide my body in an act of shame. It’s because that’s my personal style. It’s because I don’t believe “dress my body type” magazine articles should dictate my wardrobe choices. It’s because I don’t believe I have to wear clothing which clings to my body in order to prove that I have one. 

But more than anything, it’s just the way I like to dress.

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