Starlette Crown

Outfit Details:
vintage dress, a gift from my friend Angie

Giant Dwarf Starlette crown

Timberland sandals

I first happened across Giant Dwarf several years ago, when our booths were catty-corner at a BUST Holiday Craftacular. I never formally met Sue, the creative behind this beautiful star crown I’m wearing, but I remember timidly perusing her lovely felt cloche creations and wishing I had more than a couple hundred dollars in my account, so I could even consider buying one. Back then, I practically lived hand-to-mouth, putting every dollar back into materials and bills, and I was counting on that craft fair’s sales to pay my rent (thankfully, it did). Anyway, though I also ended up being in the same row as her at the Renegade Craft Fair, I was still completely broke and once again missed out on her creations. But Sue herself was so lovely and talented, I began following her online from that day forward. Eventually, my bank account became stable enough to buy a few of her handmade accessories, and I still treasure each one. This starlette crown was my most recent purchase; it was from her last run of these glass glitter beauties. 

Shortly after I bought this, Sue was diagnosed with cancer and began treatment while continuing to fulfill her orders. I’ve been following along, as she’s been sharing her inspiring journey through Team Sue Loves You and photos on her instagram – and am continually in awe of her resilience and sunny disposition through it all. I think the internet let out a collective sigh of relief when she recently announced that her chemotherapy was complete, and we’re all waiting for the day she gets her clean bill of health. Go, Sue!

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