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Hair How To: Volumized Ponytail Tutorial For Short Hair

Today’s hair tutorial was based off of a reader’s request, who wanted to know how I do my usual ponytail. Though I’ve been enjoying my shorter hair, I sometimes miss the versatility that came with the length. I rarely ever wore my hair down; I’ve always preferred updos. Short hair can make that a little limiting and somewhat complicated, but I’ve found my ways – like this faux updo and my nubby little ponytail. With my hair length, it can be difficult to gather everything into one elastic. Even when it gets just long enough to do so, it looks a little sad and flat. I’ve never liked a sleek ponytail on me; I prefer volume. Luckily, I’ve found that to be perfectly suited to my current style. Let me show you how! Follow the steps below to recreate my volumized ponytail.

Start with second day hair (preferably).

Spritz your roots with dry shampoo. This soaks up the oils and adds some texture to your hair, which helps when adding volume.

Tease (gently comb backward, toward instead of away from your scalp) your hair at the crown of your head. I like to start in small sections from the front, near my bangs and work my way back, and I also tease the roots at the sides of my head, too.

At this point, your hair should look a little crazy, like you stuck your finger in an electrical outlet, or you’re Robert Smith of The Cure. You can take a break and start singing Just Like Heaven, if you want. It’s my ringtone, if you need some backup.

Smooth only the top layer of your hair with a comb, to hide the rat’s nest you just created.

Pull up half of your hair, pushing up from the back to create even more volume. Criss-cross two bobby pins to secure (use more, if you need them).

Tie up the remaining hair with an elastic.

Gently loosen up the sides with your fingers.

That’s it. Enjoy your tiny ponytail!

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  1. Ashley says:

    Brilliant hairstyle tutorial! I have short hair and always looking for great ideas.
    Thanks for sharing, Ashley

  2. Olivia says:

    Thanks for great tutorial. I love you blog more and more
    This is tips from my collection :when I want to add volume to my hair, I like to use a volumising mousse to my damp hair and then I blow dry it, while scrunching it up. To add texture, I recommend using a texturising spray or a sea salt spray on dry hair. To add volume to dry hair, my favourite volumising powder is the Batiste XXL Volumising powder.
    If you want to check out , there are tips about styling the hair to get more volume, which I personally find very helpful.

  3. Natalie says:

    Thanks! I tried this, and it worked out well. I’ll definitely keep it on the list of go-to styles!