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Makeup Monday: Urban Decay Naked On The Run

I just got back from a weekend trip to New Orleans, with Urban Decay! As you might know from my previous trips to NOLA, I love this city. And unless you are new to reading this blog, you know how big of an Urban Decay fangirl I am. I live and swear by so many of their products, I’m practically an unofficial spokesperson. A very unofficial one, but maybe if I stand outside their window with “In Your Eyes” playing on a boombox, they’ll put a ring on it. Until then, I’m more than happy to gallivant around the streets of New Orleans with them, because the ladies behind the brand are just as fun as the products they represent.

I (along with Teni, Sona, and Elshane) was generously invited to New Orleans for the upcoming launch of Naked On The Run. What better way is there to celebrate an all-in-one, travel friendly palette than to test-drive it on an actual trip? I usually pare down my products for travel, but even still, I end up with quite an arsenal (I could say the same for my overstuffed suitcase full of shoes I’m probably not going to wear). The Naked On The Run palette includes five shadows, eyeliner, blush, bronzer, highlighter, lipgloss, and mascara, so I was able to leave most of my makeup at home. To give you an idea, that last look is completely done with the palette, save for my brows, liquid liner, and lip liner under the gloss. I’m normally not much of a gloss girl and expected to neglect that particular product, but I’ve been wearing it a lot. It comes out on November 20th, but I have a feeling it will sell very quickly, so you might want to mark your calendar. I’m pretty excited about having such a convenient makeup kit, since I travel so much. Speaking of traveling: this trip went by so quickly, but we managed to pack so much in.

Urban Decay went all out, when it came to planning our trip, and we had such a wonderful time. We stayed at The Ritz Carlton (dream bed included), ate incredible meals, learned a lot about the rich history of New Orleans, made friends with our tour guide and hotel staff (Hi, Scully and Scott!), and of course, made time for music (dueling pianos at Pat O’Briens and jazz at Preservation Hall). I even had time to catch up with two of my friends, Erin and Andi! It was quite an action-packed couple of days, and I would relive them, in a heartbeat. Urban Decay, I’ll go back on the run with you, anytime. Thank you for having me!


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