The Deer In Nara

Outfit Details:

vintage trapeze dress (also seen here and here)

Seychelles “Gypsy” heels (and old Seychelles flats)

Karen Walker sunglasses

cat purse

Apologies for the sporadic Japan posts, but I took a ton of photographs and still find myself sorting through them. Naturally, when it came to the deer in Nara, I took about a zillion – possibly to prove to myself that it wasn’t just a dream. I mean, just check out this video! The deer in Nara are everywhere: in the parks, by the temples, in the stores. The deer were once considered sacred, and are now national treasures. They are very friendly, if not a little pushy when looking for a treat. But for every couple of sassy lil stinkers looking for a biscuit, there was a perfect sweetheart who would melt in my lap or give sweet little deer kisses. I enjoyed all of their different personalities; I could have stayed all day and night. I made lots of friends, that day.

Also, a funny story about my shoes: I normally bring a pair of flats, when I’m wearing heels. But on this particular day, I was wearing flats from the get-go. Luckily, I happened to have a pair of heels in my backpack, because I eventually stepped in deer poo and had to change my shoes. Thankfully, Seychelles makes the most comfortable shoes, so it was no sweat!

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