These boots were made for walking.

Outfit Details:

Corey Lynn Calter coat (thank you, Shana and Corey!)

Margaret O’Leary turtleneck dress

La Canadienne over the knee boots (c/o – thank you, Amy!)

vintage Coach bag

Though my teeth are always chattering and my toes are somewhat numb, I actually really enjoy the cold weather. It’s not just the ice skating and hot cocoa – those don’t hurt, either – I just love layering, and I clearly love boots. Even when I was living in Florida, I had an oddly large collection of boots. I would wear them in protest of unseasonably warm weather, determined to get in some winter wear, regardless of the temperature. It’s actually kind of funny when I look through old photos…I look like I’m dressed for Fall, but it was probably in the high 80s. Does anyone remember these red boots? How about these purple ones, or these? Yeah, those were all taken while living in Florida…and I still own the red and purple ones, I might add! You might also recognize the San Francisco t-shirt, since I still wear it all the time; I’ve had it since high school. What can I say? I’m sentimental, and I also know what I like. Flat, thigh high boots are a mainstay. The boots I’m wearing in these current photos (30 vs. 21 in the linked photos…where does the time go?) are like a comfy second skin, and I love that they zip all the way down the back. They’re a little more versatile than the red and purple ones, so I think it’s safe to say that they’ll keep their place in the closet, as long as their soles will last.

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