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Floral Short Suit

oasis short suit keiko lynn
oasis short suit keiko lynn 1 oasis short suit keiko lynn 3 oasis short suit keiko lynn 4 oasis short suit keiko lynn 5 oasis short suit keiko lynn 6 oasis short suit keiko lynn 7 oasis short suit keiko lynn 8
oasis short suit keiko lynn 2

Outfit Details:

Oasis Cutwork Lace Vest

Oasis Etched Botanical Jacket

Oasis Etched Botanical Short

Oasis Block 2 Part Sandal (all c/o Oasis)

Stila Liquid Lipstick in “Carina”

Miu Miu round sunglasses

Virginie Millefiore lips ring and necklace

Papillionaire bicycle

Why is it that I cannot picture myself in a pantsuit, but a short suit is completely up my alley? Maybe it’s the balance of business up top, party on the bottom: a more tailored and buttoned up version of the mullet, if you will. When Oasis asked me to style an outfit with some of their garments, I immediately gravitated toward this floral suit and white sandals (I’ve been wearing them a lot), which almost felt like a continuation of my forearm tattoo. It was the perfect day to wear it: not so hot that a blazer was out of the question, but warm enough for shorts. Those days are few and far between, so when they come, you have to jump on your bike and ride around the park.

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  1. Helena S says:

    Lovely and great for the summer!


  2. Molly says:

    This is so lovely! I’ve been seeing the blue china pattern everywhere, but this is the first time I’ve seen this type of pattern in red, and it’s really stunning. Love how this short suit is both casual and very sophisticated, too. 🙂


  3. sara says:

    Omg im sooo in love with the outfits and the photos.which photo editor did ypu use?

    • Keiko Lynn says:

      Thank you! Photoshop and radlab.

  4. Said says:

    I know you heard this too many times but I can’t stop saying you’re really fabulous <3

  5. em says:

    so beautiful!

  6. Elisabeth says:

    That floral short suit is so gorgeous. I just love how it looks. It’s so feminine and pretty. The color is so pretty on you. I really like your bicycle too, by the way, the color of it is so pretty.

    Diary of Elegance

  7. Cherie says:

    I’m the opposite, I love pant suits and I wear them all the time! This is such a stunning location for photos, the weather looks glorious! We’ve also had great weather up north in the UK as well so I took advantage and took some outfit photos too 🙂

  8. glamdevils says:

    Marvelous look. Love your cute short suit!