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The Gates Hotel In Key West

the gates key west keiko lynn 6

the gates key west keiko lynn 1

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Outfit Details:
Dolce Vita blouse (RIP, it got ruined in the wash)
Lux white eyelet shorts (old, but these are very similar) – Urban Outfitters
Keds “Wheel and Zeal” bicycle sneakers – ModCloth
Janessa Leone “Klint” straw boater hat
Dita “Hurricane” sunglasses

If you follow me on instagram (or Bobby or Miku, for that matter), you already know that we headed down to Key West for a mini vacation, where we were guests of The Gates Hotel Key West. In fact, a few of you thought I was there the whole time I was in Florida, but we only spent four days in The Keys! The rest was spent in Southeast Florida, where my family lives, with some stops in Sebastian and Fellsmere. We made the most of our trip to Key West, packing it full of activities (can you count lounging in the pool as an activity?) and exploration. Bobby and I brought along Tessa (my little sister) and Diego (her boyfriend), as well as our little Miku. If I have the choice, I always bring Miku along – so when planning vacations, I make sure they’re as pet friendly as possible.

Luckily, Key West is very pet friendly. When we checked in at The Gates Hotel Key West, they had a bed set up for Miku, along with toys and treats from Barkbox. It was such a nice welcome! We had such a great time in Key West, but I can honestly say that I think Miku might have had the best time of all. She relaxed with me at Rum Row while we sipped Shirley Temples and virgin Piña Coladas (party animals, I know), went kayaking and paddle boarding at Lazy Dog, swam like the mermaid that she is, feasted at restaurants amongst the local roosters and chickens, and even got to see a Tarpon try to eat my hand off (I should post the video…it’s pretty funny). I have a couple more posts from our trip, coming up, including a roundup of all the places we went to. If you’re planning a trip to Key West, keep an eye out for that post, this week!

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  1. Emma says:

    Love these photos, and your room looks like such a cosy place to stay (and great that it’s so pet friendly too!)
    Your outfit looks wonderful as well, white lace is such a Summer staple!

    Emma xo // Wallflower Wardrobe

  2. Clare says:

    That reminds me… I need to book another holiday. That hotel room looks beautiful!

  3. Maddy B says:

    What a cute hotel room…and a huge bummer about the top! It was super cute.

  4. Fa Alvaracas says:

    I can´t wait to see more of your trip!!!

    Such a lovely pet friendly hotel! Miku look so happy :3
    Also, love the sneakers, I visit the Mod cloth and it´s so perfect! Everything is so cute! I probably get poor in that shop!!

    Saludos Fa

    • Keiko Lynn says:

      I have to keep myself from checking ModCloth, because I always end up buying something! I try to only look when I’m actually wanting to buy:)

  5. sienna says:

    I love this post! So beautiful.
    I love your bike as well. Lovely!

  6. Kamila says:

    gorgerous outfit, bike, photos and of course your doggy 🙂 Kisses :*

  7. Ginngi says:

    Lovely pictures and outfit! I have wanted to visit Key West for a while now! I have a cat so it’s good to know they are pet friendly!

  8. Pali says:

    Love your outfit! Hotel looks amazing.