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Five Makeup Tutorials To Try (For Beginners)

photo via The Beauty Department
photo via The Beauty Department

1. HOW TO APPLY FALSE LASHES (The Beauty Department): I have to be honest…I still have trouble with false lashes, sometimes. I’ll get the first one on in one fell swoop, and then the second one ends up consuming the next twenty minutes of my life. This tutorial has a handy lash strip trick for beginners, along with a step by step guide on how to apply false lashes. Tip: You can also buy false lash trios, which are easier to apply than individuals and give a more customized look than a strip (in my opinion).




how to shape and fill your brows tutorial

2. HOW TO GET THE PERFECT BROWS: This was/is my most requested tutorial of all time, so I’m putting this here for reference. I have the lightest, most sparse brows ever, so I put together a step by step tutorial on how to fill, define, and perfect your brows.




photo via Maskcara
photo via Maskcara

3. THE SOFT WING TUTORIAL (Maskcara): When you want something softer than a liquid-liner cat eye, try out this soft and smokey winged liner with eyeshadow. Bonus: it’s a lot easier to apply, so you’re less likely to mess it up.



photo via Colourpop (@itsmyrayeraye has a liquid lipstick collaboration with them!)
photo of Itsmyrayraye via Colourpop (@itsmyrayeraye has a liquid lipstick collaboration with them!)

4. HOW TO APPLY LIQUID LIPSTICK (ItsmyRayeRaye): Liquid lipstick seems intimidating, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze — and it lasts forever. Check out ItsmyRayeRaye’s video for tips and tricks on how to properly apply liquid lipstick.





flawless skin foundation tutorial

5. FLAWLESS SKIN FOUNDATION TUTORIAL: I rarely wear foundation, but when I do, the last thing I want is for it to feel caked on and heavy. Follow my step by step tutorial on how to get flawless-looking skin, without looking like you’re wearing a mask.

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