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ModCloth Wedding Guest Attire

modcloth wedding guest dress keiko lynn 1 modcloth wedding guest dress keiko lynn 5 modcloth wedding guest dress keiko lynn 6
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modcloth wedding guest dress keiko lynn 3

ModCloth “Field Day Off” dress c/o ModCloth

Bait Footwear “Float You Forget About Me” heels c/o ModCloth (order a half size down)

Kate Spade heart bag

“Keiko” glasses by Bonlook

It seems like all at once, everyone around me started getting married. I guess that’s what happens when you’re in your thirties (I’m now 31 and still can’t get used to saying I’m in my thirties); everyone is either engaged, married, or having babies. I am not good at changing diapers or properly holding a newborn baby (my family always makes fun of me for that), but I do love a good wedding. So, maybe you should wait to have me babysit until your child is a toddler — after that, I can be your go-to girl — but I will happily attend your wedding and bring you a nice gift.

Speaking of go-tos: I have a handful of wedding guest dresses for such occasions, depending on the time, place, and level of fanciness. And by handful, I mean three: a little black cocktail dress, a vintage 60s pastel chiffon number, and a fancy 50s midi dress with a nipped in waist and crinoline skirt. What I was missing in that rotation, however, was a more casual dress for a daytime, outdoor wedding. Being that I’m originally from sunny South Florida, there are a lot of those…and here’s what I’ve learned to avoid: synthetic fabrics, skinny heels, and restrictive garments (aka leave the shapewear at home). I picked up this ModCloth “Field Day Off” dress and  “Float You Forget About Me” heels from ModCloth’s Wedding Guest section, with the intention of filling that void. It may not be your usual wedding guest attire, but it’s perfect for those summery, outdoor weddings because 1) the dress is 100% cotton, which means it’s breathable and 2) the heels are just sturdy enough so that they won’t sink in the ground, and are comfortable enough to dance in. And what’s a wedding without dancing?

Shop some of my favorite special-occasion ModCloth items, below!

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