A day outside of the city.

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Outfit Details:
thrifted romper (it’s a skort!)

old Topman sweater

thrifted belt

Karen Walker “Starburst” sunglasses

old UGG oxfords

Coach Ace 28 satchel in “honey” suede

We had every intention of going to the Brimfield Antique Show, last weekend. It’s an annual tradition for us; much of our furnishings and odds and ends (not to mention clothing!) have come from their many vendors. Unfortunately, our week was jam-packed and we were left with only the last day of the show, which has its perks and pitfalls. Perk: the remaining vendors are more open to bargaining, since it’s less for them to pack up. Pitfall: Lots of the treasures are already gone, not to mention many of the vendors. Once we realized that we waited too long to rent a van (not thinking about the fact that it was a Sunday, when most rental centers are closed around here), we decided it just wasn’t meant to be. We’re in the market for a “new” coffee table, side table, and maybe a credenza, so it didn’t make sense to make the long drive in a car that couldn’t hold them. Instead, we decided to go to the much closer Lambertville and swing by The Golden Nugget Flea Market, so at least we could get our flea market fix. Between the strangely cold weather and the fact that most people were probably at Brimfield, it was sort of a bust. But I did get a lot of great records! Connie Francis, The Cars, Fleetwood Mac, Frank Sinatra…I know, a weird mix, but that’s my style. What wasn’t a bust, however, was our day. Bobby and I just needed a quiet day outside of the city, so we meandered through back roads, stopped and had a leisurely lunch, and generally took our time to actually enjoy the outdoors.

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  1. Kirsten says:

    Have you heard of elephants trunk in new Milford, CT? They run every Sunday all summer and have tons of vendors. It’s about 2 hours from bklyn.

    • Keiko Lynn says:

      I haven’t, but I will definitely check it out! Thank you for the tip!

  2. La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    Sooooo cute and adorable … Sweet and filled with romance! Simply beautiful! 🙂

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  3. Jess says:

    Gorgeous colours. This is lovely.