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Beyond Basics: Six Current Skin Care Favorites

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I’ve already blogged about my basic skin care routine, and if you follow me on snapchat, you’ve likely seen every one of these products (and then some)! I’m highlighting six of my current most-used, beyond-the-basic skin care favorites. You’ll notice that most of my targeted treatments are geared toward hydration, these days!

  1. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum: If you’re looking to dip your toes into a more involved skin care routine, start with First Aid Beauty. Their products are affordable and solid quality. This serum is one of my favorites of their  skin care products. It has a gel-like consistency, comes in a pump (my preference) and is suitable for most skin types. Side note: because of the glycerin in this product, it also happens to work well as a makeup primer.
  2. Darphin Orange Blossom Aromatic Care: I’m fully obsessed with this oil. It has such a beautiful consistency – not runny, a little goes a long way – and works magic on my skin. This winter made me so dry — especially around my nose and mouth. Between this and a humidifier, I could go to sleep with dry, red areas and wake up with completely soft and hydrated skin, redness gone. I actually carry this around with me, when I need a little refresher. One thing I want to note is that it doesn’t smell like orange blossoms (I wish it did!), though it still has a pleasant scent.
  3. Skin Laundry Hydrating Radiance Facial Treatment Mask: I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely picky about sheet masks (I’m known to wear one with an animal face print, from time to time), though some are definitely better than others. This is one of them. Ultra hydrating and soothing, this is one of my go-tos for travel and after makeup shoots. I’m also a fan of the Neck and Chest Masksbut you should know that they’re pretty messy and slide all over the place if you don’t lay down, while you’re wearing it.
  4. Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil: If I’m wearing makeup or SPF, I always wash my face with a cleansing oil before I go in with my regular cleanser. I switch between this Tatcha oil and The Body Shop Camomile cleansing oil, but I recently ran out of the latter and haven’t yet replaced it. The reason why this is the makeup remover and cleanser that made the list? I prefer the packaging, if I’m being totally nit-picky (and I am). It’s more substantial and less messy. Ditch your face wipes and go in with an oil. and your makeup will melt right off.
  5. Tata Harper Elixir Vita Eye Serum: Complete transparency, here: I did not buy this eye serum and didn’t know the price until writing this post. Holy moly! I probably would have used it a little more sparingly, had I known that I would have to sell one of my limbs to replace it (okay, I’m exaggerating).  Despite the high price, I would probably buy it again, because I love the effects of this eye cream. There are few eye creams I can use, without getting a horrible burning sensation around my eyes…and since my eyes are so sensitive, I end up having to do damage control, when I have reactions to any allergens. It’s calming, soothing, and leaves the skin around my eyes looking smooth and hydrated – the key word of the day. That being said, I also love The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Eye Concentrate…so now that I know how expensive the Tata Harper cream is, it will definitely go back into heavier rotation.
  6. Pixi Glow Tonic: The second I swapped out physical exfoliants for chemical exfoliants, my skin completely changed (for the better). I even gave up my beloved Exfolikate after finding out it contained Polyethylene / microbeads, so besides the occasional microdermabrasion during a facial, and the daily use of a washcloth or muslin, I fully rely on acid toners for resurfacing and prepping my skin for the following treatments. My skin is very used to acids, and I have several in rotation. Like everyone else, I drink the Biologique Recherche P50 koolaid — and it remains my favorite  and most used (note: I use the regular P50) — but since I use them after each cleanse, I switch it up with some gentler exfoliating acids. Pixi Glow is exactly that, with 5% glycolic acid and aloe vera as key ingredients. It’s also a great intro into the world of acid toners…I would actually recommend starting with Pixi Glow before working your way up to P50 (and even then, maybe try P50V or P50W, depending on your skin type). P.S. For travel, I like Peter Thomas Roth Un-wrinkle Peel Pads or First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Padsdepending on my needs. The pads are easy and portable, and less likely to leak in my suitcase.

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  1. La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    Start writing here.loving the skincare product varieties of choices. Simply great stuffs! 🙂

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

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    I have the first aid serum. Would love to try the other products:P

    Shall We Sasa