buffalo bungalow camatta ranch
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Camatta Ranch

buffalo bungalow camatta ranch

Outfit Details:

vintage feedsack dress

Boden scalloped flats (may they rest in peace)

vintage belt

“Keiko” Bonlook frames (currently buy one, get one 50% off on all frames)

During our last trip to California, I decided I wanted to take a few days to visit Camatta Ranch and stay in Buffalo Bungalow (available on airbnb), a recommendation from my friend Andi’s upcoming book A Wanderful Life. Side note: If you don’t already follow Andi’s blog, you really should — especially if you’re a wandering heart or even just aspire to be one. Andi and our friend Allister spent a few days at Camatta Ranch, and I immediately knew it was a place I needed to visit. It’s a 32,000 (!!!) acre ranch owned by the most lovely family, complete with lots of animals and crops to tend to. AKA: the opposite of NYC, and exactly what I needed. Felicia (our host) made us feel right at home in our private little bungalow, which was built by cowboys in the 1930s. Cowboys weren’t always the best builders, she warned, but I thought it was perfect and charming for our short stay. Plus, there were buffalo right outside our window. What a sight to see!

buffalo bungalow camatta ranchbuffalo bungalow camatta ranchbuffalo bungalow camatta ranchbuffalo bungalow camatta ranch buffalo bungalow camatta ranchbuffalo bungalow camatta ranch

The ranch is home to many animals, including buffalo, donkeys, two zonkeys (which they adopted from someone in the area, and apparently they are very aggressive), peacocks and peahens, cattle, goats, chickens, pigs, horses, cats — and of course, wildlife roam the property! I failed at taking pictures, because I was too busy living my best life and befriending all of the animals. You can see more about them here. Fun fact: their parents also live somewhere on the huge property, and they are a vet and a zoologist. How handy is that? P.S. They are pet friendly, so we brought Miku along with us. Since there is wildlife and we didn’t want her to get hurt, I carried her everywhere or kept her on a close leash. She really wanted to make friends with the buffalo, though. She doesn’t understand how tiny she is. She grew up running around with my horses and goats, so I think she assumes it’s all good.

buffalo bungalow camatta ranchbuffalo bungalow camatta ranch buffalo bungalow camatta ranch

One of the most rewarding experiences (and there were many) was when Felicia invited us to help tend to her garden, and taught us all about her different crops. The overgrown produce was fed to the piggies, and she sent us with a whole load of fresh veggies and fruits to use for dinner. Bobby made us a feast for dinner, and Felicia treated us to an amazing breakfast each morning: veggie frittata, blueberry bread pudding, fresh fruit. Knowing that the eggs and fruit and vegetables all came from her ranch made it that much more special. Also, lol at my 75 bobby pins and sad portrait of me riding the bike to feed the pigs. That bike was very handy, though.

buffalo bungalow camatta ranchbuffalo bungalow camatta ranch

If you ever find yourself in or near Santa Margarita, make sure you visit. Tell Felicia that Keiko, Bobby, Kim, and Miku send their love!

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  1. Looks so relaxing and peaceful!
    It can be SO nice to get outside of your normal setting every once in a while. Take in the parts of the earth that are just totally opposite from your everyday life.

    And those donkeys are adorable! Looks like a place we need to visit!



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