kohl's beauty department haul
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Kohl’s Beauty Haul

kohl's beauty department haul   kohl's beauty department haul

When I was in Florida with my family, we took the kids to the mall (where I worked when I was a teen!) for some back-to-school shopping. Our first stop was Kohl’s, and my nieces and I went straight to the beauty department, while my sister and friend Lauren took the boys to look in their section. I had the intention of picking up a few products I wanted to use for this post, in partnership with Kohl’s and ShopStyle, but somehow ended up with several more than a few. That’s the story of my life! But when you’re swatching a bunch of products and your nieces are saying, “ooooh that one is pretty, too!” it just feels like the right thing to do. I regret nothing. Also, I have to mention that I went back the next week to use my Kohl’s Cash and got Bobby a new pair of Converse, because his were literally falling apart. So, win-win! As for my beauty haul, here’s what I bought (and what I’m wearing in these photos!):

kohl's beauty department haulkohl's beauty department haul

  1. The Balm Batter Up in “Moonshot”: a shimmery, subtle pink that can be worn alone or under a shadow to make it pop (it would kind of act like a primer). I’m wearing it alone, for just a little bit of shimmer!
  2. Cargo Swimmables Eye Pencil in “Pebble Beach”: Since I’m borderline addicted to lash extensions, I don’t have to always depend on my liquid liner — my first love, certainly, but it’s nice to have the option to go without. I lightly defined my outer, lower lash line with this dark brown liner, so it wouldn’t look too bare.
  3. Cargo One Base Liquid Concealer and Foundation “01”: I rarely wear foundation, so I rely on concealer under my eyes, around my nose, and on any blemishes. I like that this one is a little more opaque than the lighter ones I often use, for those days when I need the extra coverage. It blends out really seamlessly, and a little goes a long way (so don’t overdo it).
  4. The Balm “Mary Lou-manizer” Highlighter: This highlighter is loved by many, and for a good reason! It’s perfect for someone on the paler side, like me. There are a couple of different shades for other skin tones, too!
  5. LORAC Color Source Buildable Blush in “Aura”: Okay, this is the blush that some of you were asking about (on my Instagram). You can apply it in a sheer finish, or build (hence the name) to a stronger opacity. I’m in love with this particular color — it’s the perfect pairing for all of my rosy lip colors!
  6. The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes in “Committed”: This immediately joined my top favorite liquid lipsticks, because I love the finish (matte, not too thick or dry feeling) and it smells like thin mints. I REPEAT. It smells like thin mints. Also, this color!! What other shades should I try? I wish I would’ve picked up a couple more.
  7. The Balm Pickup Liners in “Fineapple”: I recently ran out of my favorite lip liner, so I picked this up on a whim. It’s a beautiful shade of a neutral-ish pink.
  8. LORAC Pro Matte Lip Color in “Rose”: I’m not wearing it in the photos, but I’m holding it! Any lip color with “Matte” and “Rose” in the name immediately ends up in my basket. I can’t help it.
  9. The Balm “Balms Away” Eye Makeup Break-up: No makeup wipes go near my eyes; I depend on balms and oils to gently remove makeup. Clearly not wearing it, here, but I definitely used it to later remove my eye makeup.

Which product is your favorite? Have you tried any of them, yourself? I’d love to know!

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  1. Lauren Pfieffer says:

    I also have the Meet Matte Hughes in ‘Committed’ and YES! It 100% smells like thin mints! I’ve always thought that. So glad I’m not the only one.

    You look gorg as always Keiko! x

  2. La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    Wow, such great products purchased! A very nice and essential beauty products haul! 🙂

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  3. Ana says:

    You’re perfect!!!!