tomorrowland couples costumes for halloween
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Halloween Couples Costume Idea: 60s Tomorrowland

tomorrowland couples costumes for halloween

Costume details: Vintage silver and white mod dress, thrifted silver belt, Coach High Vamp Loafer with studs, DIY “collars”, astronaut onesie, and bubble astronaut helmets from Abracadabra in NYC.

tomorrowland couples costumes for halloween tomorrowland couples costumes for halloween  tomorrowland couples costumes for halloweentomorrowland couples costumes for halloween tomorrowland couples costumes for halloween

I’m a big lover of Disney and vintage, so naturally I became a little obsessed with this photo of 60s Tomorrowland characters at Disneyland. My stepdad sent it to me several months ago and I immediately decided it would be one of our costumes. While we didn’t do literal interpretations — we rarely do, since it largely consists of DIY elements and stuff from our closets — we really wanted to convey that look and feel of futuristic mod, space-age characters.


The hardest thing about these outfits was finding a bubble style helmet; we even looked into using acrylic globes, but couldn’t find the right sizes and didn’t have time to order them. TWO of the sellers we ordered from had issues with shipping or stock; the first cancelled my order after they were damaged prior to shipping, and the second only sent one because they ran out of stock. Luckily, Abracadabra came through with the matching space helmet, and Bobby picked up the tubes at a local hardware store. And just like that, our 60s Tomorrowland characters came together!

I’d like to think that when they’re not as Disney, they live in Xanadu, the home of the future. Oh, I miss that place! My mom and I once sneaked in to explore what remained, before they demolished it forever. How dark it is, to think that the home of the future no longer exists. Maybe that’s why I’m so fond of vintage clothing, antiques, and ancient photographs: I’m protecting the past from being destroyed. It’s my superpower, you know? Or maybe it’s just because I’m the nostalgic type. Yeah, probably the latter.

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  1. Aika says:

    These costumes are out of this world! But honestly, you both look so great. I love this interpretation!

  2. Emily says:

    Omg I loved Xanadu, I’m in Wisconsin so we would visit the one in the dells. It was my favorite place to visit I was so sad when they got rid of it.

    • Keiko Lynn says:

      I didn’t realize there were Xanadu homes elsewhere! I wonder if there are any left…

  3. Alysha says:

    The CUTEST! And the pictures are so you! You look chic and so cool… and Bobby just looks really happy. Haha! Amazing costumes!

  4. Bettina says:

    love it!

  5. Scout says:

    Your costumes look stellar! Where did you manage to find the helmets? I’ve been looking for something similar with no luck yet :’-)

  6. Christine says:

    Hi! Where did you end up buying the silver mens space suit??

    • Holly Wang says:

      Hi Christine, it’s available on Amazon here!