morton salt girl costume for halloween
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Halloween Costume Idea: Morton Salt Girl

morton salt girl costume for halloween  morton salt girl costume for halloweenmorton salt girl costume for halloween morton salt girl costume for halloween

Buying a costume is easy, so I totally get the appeal. One of my costumes — which you’ll see soon — is direct from a store. That’s a little unusual for me, since I prefer putting together costumes with every day clothing mixed with costume accessories (such as this wig, or a necessary prop) and makeup. It makes for a more unique costume, and you can wear the pieces more than once!  When you google Morton Salt Girl Costume, some old photos of me pop up. The funny thing is that it wasn’t intended to be a costume, but it works. Have a yellow dress and an umbrella? You’re halfway there. Just add some yellow mary janes (or yellow shoes in general), white tights, and a package of Morton salt. For my costume, I added a yellowish wig, because otherwise I just ended up looking like myself on a rainy Tuesday, hanging around in one of my favorite vintage dresses (aka the photo of me that pops up on google images). Easy peasy!

If you want to dress up like the Morton Salt Girl, check out some of my top picks for completing your costume, below!

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