90s grunge floral skirt
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90s Grunge Floral Skirt

90s grunge floral skirt 90s grunge floral skirt 90s grunge floral skirt

Madewell pink beanie (25% off with code LATEBIRD)

Karen Walker “Starburst” sunglasses

Ariel Gordon delicate diamond lariat necklace

Gap Ribbed Shawl Cardigan (on sale + extra 40% off with code GIFTS – also available in grey)

random black slip 

thrifted 90s floral wrap skirt

old Seychelles ankle boots

vintage Coach backpack

Some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe were found at a thrift store. Case in point: this 90s floral wrap skirt. It feels very full circle to bring back trendy pieces from my formative years.  Though I was pretty young during the 90s grunge movement, I felt very much a part of it. Of course, it was only in a very mainstream, listened to Nirvana and wore a flannel tied around my waist at all times (no matter how hot it was) kind of way. I went from 80s new wave to New Kids On The Block and then 90s grunge, so I guess you can say that young me just jumped on any trend I saw fit. Having an older sister and a very young mother had something to do with that; they were my barometer of everything cool.

The beanie, oversized sweater, ankle boots, and mini backpack all fit the 90s mold, but it’s all a lot more polished than what most of us wore, back then. I had this pair of cutoff Levis that were completely covered in mismatched flannel patches, just big enough that I could pull them on and off without unbuttoning them. Even with all their patches and repairs, they became threadbare from how much I wore them. And the more threadbare and raggedy they became, the more I loved them. I only gave them up once I outgrew them, though my mom threatened to throw them away many times. Come to think of it…nothing has changed. I have a pair very similar (minus the patches), which I also got at a thrift store. They’re big enough to pull on and off without unbuttoning them, and a few washes away from rapidly disintegrating. My grandma hates them. And I love them.

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