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Livelihood Hoodie

livelihood hoodielivelihood hoodielivelihood hoodie livelihood hoodie

Outfit details:

Livelihood hoodie in blush (Made in the USA and available on Gilt)

thrifted floral blouse

Express jeans

thrifted belt

Charlotte Olympia kitty flats (love this version)

Dita “Hurricane” Sunglasses (only one pair left in this color but also available in black and blue)

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lipstick in “Verbena


I’m usually a lot more dressed down when I’m at the studio. Jeans, a shirt or sweater, and flats are my go-to. My hair is usually up (and messy) and my makeup is minimal: brows, under eye concealer, blush, and a lip color. When I’m working or traveling, I prefer wearing super stretchy jeans like this high waisted pair from Express, which I bought in two different washes, or something super loose like my vintage Levis. And though I usually have some sort of very large and loose sweater wrapped around me, I’ve been loving this Livelihood hoodie that I bought at their launch — it is so soft and I love the blush color. Plus, it has those little slits (but not holes – so you don’t see them) for your thumbs to stick through. Their hoodies are USA made — everything from the inner labels to the fabric to the zippers and construction were done in the USA, which is a lot more costly than many people realize. For their launch, 100% of the proceeds go to Livelihood’s mission to support underserved communities. Right now, they’re supporting the neighborhoods Anacostia in D.C. and Riverside, Wilmington, Delaware. I’m excited to see how Ashley Biden and her foundation will help these communities and the future neighborhoods they select!

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