hair accessories roundup
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My Favorite Hair Accessories

hair accessories roundup

I’m a big fan of quick, easy ways to make my hair look halfway decent. It’s why I’m a fan of hats, scarves, and hair accessories of all sorts. When my hair is down, but only half styled, a hat can save me. A total hot mess? Grab a scarf. But what I love about all of these hair accessories that I featured above is how they can be the icing on the cake for a polished or messy updo, as well as a nice little extra something when your hair is down — just clip back a handful of strands and you’re all set. Check out some of my favorite hair accessories below:

  1. Simple circle hair clip (on sale!)
  2.  3 pack of fabric bow barrettes (I like to wear these in the back, underneath a messy bun)
  3. floral hair clip
  4.  pink and white flower clip
  5. heart hair clip
  6. triangle trip hair clip
  7. bow ponytail holder
  8. star hair clip
  9. hanging stars hair clip (on sale!)
  10. heart and arrow hair pin


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