My Trip To Macao

My favorite experience was our noodle-pulling lesson at MGM. Left: Chef Stone teaching Rach the tricks. Right: showing us how it’s done.
It’s not as easy as it looks, but it sure is fun!
Thank you so much to Macao USA for the wonderful experience, and for Shannon and Ken for being amazing guides.

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  1. Liza says:

    I really liked your photos! I’ve been to Macau and disliked it (it was crowded and dirty and a friend had a food poisoning there), but in your photos, it really looks magical!

    • Keiko Lynn says:

      Oh, no! That sounds awful. I’m sorry you had a bad experience. I had a great trip, and I think it obviously helped having a guide who took us to all of the best spots;) Food poisoning can definitely ruin a trip, that’s for sure!

  2. Grand Lisboa says:

    Fantastic article. I learn a lot about Macao because of your trip. It opens up an idea how beautiful Macau specially for the tourist like me. Thanks

  3. What Mum Loves says:

    Wow, beautiful place! I love the way you captured it x

    • Keiko Lynn says:

      Thank you!

    • Keiko Lynn says:

      It was a really amazing place!

  4. Helen says:

    I loved seeing these photos from your trip to Macao, Keiko! The food looks delicious and the cotton candy duck looks awesome! I can also see the Portuguese influence in many of these sites.


    • Keiko Lynn says:

      Thanks, Helen!

    • Keiko Lynn says:

      Thank you!

    • Keiko Lynn says:

      Thanks so much!