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Brooklyn Brigade Studio

Meet our foster pup, Coco! Foster Dogs NYC and Susie’s Senior Dogs placed this sweet angel with us after she was rescued from a high-kill shelter, thanks to Beastly Rescue. We’re keeping her safe and showering her with much deserved love while we help to find her a forever home. Coco is estimated to be around 8 years old, and this was her second time at the shelter. Sadly, she was first brought in as a stray when she was just a young pup in 2010, and somehow ended up back there this year. She has been horribly neglected, but in just the short time we’ve had her, she’s already looking so much better. The second she was handed to me, she gently licked me on the cheek. I cannot begin to imagine how anyone could treat her so horribly, but we are going to do everything we can to find her a wonderful home and make sure she is never neglected again.

You can read more about Coco and inquire about adopting her, here. In the meantime, here’s what I can tell you about her:

  • She is completely house trained
  • She loves to nap
  • I have never heard her bark, except the tiniest and cutest one in her puppy dream
  • She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body
  • She likes both of us, but LOVES Bobby, so I’m kind of jealous
  • She gets along with my 13 year old pup Miku and my three cats, who are constantly right up in her face and following her around
  • She doesn’t tug on the leash and is an angel on walks, even when with a dog who drags her around like a crazy person (ahem, Miku)
  • At approximately 8 years old, she can have a long, happy life ahead of her (Miku is 13 and still acts like a puppy!)
  • Due to neglect, she has some matting and a skin infection that we are treating — she can’t be fully groomed until her antibiotics clear everything up. She also has some hair loss on her back that is likely due to both her previously untreated thyroid condition (which is so easily treated – Miku has it as well!) and neglect. Give her some time and she’ll be a supermodel!
  • Whoever adopts her will be very lucky to have her as their loyal companion

If you or anyone you know is interested in adopting Coco, please fill out your application here. We are in Brooklyn, New York and would be happy to set up a meet and greet. And please, please, please spread the word – you never know who might fall in love with her!

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  1. Briel K. says:

    I hope you guys are able to find her a good and loving home!

  2. Trang says:

    Awe, those are such awesome pictures of her. We have recently adopted a puppy after one of our older dogs passed away (:'( She was my best girl…) From your notes, she sounds like a perfect dog. If I lived in the area and haven’t already adopted our newest family member, I would totally love to meet her. I hope you will find her a good home soon. XO

  3. LeahSephira says:

    Aww it breaks my heart when I hear of animals being neglected (or just left by someone). I am all for shelters of course! Their work is, usually, incredible. And my mom always got her cats from shelters too. And I think it’s SO lovely that you are taking care of Coco, and I so hope she finds a home where she can stay till the end of her days. She deserves that!

    On another note; super cute pictures!


    • Keiko Lynn says:

      Thank you! I hope we find her a wonderful home, too. We already love her so much — she deserves the best.