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In The Middle

Mattituck, Long Island

 Outfit Details:

vintage denim wrap skirt (check out these similar options on Etsy :    4)

American Eagle off the shoulder top (on sale for $14.99)

ban.do bff “sidekick” bag  (similar option)

heart sunnies (not exact but very similar and only $9.99)

handmade silk scarf from my old clothing line (I’m so glad I kept some of these!)


The past week has been busy (in a good way) and emotional on many different levels. Lately, I’ve been feeling like my whole life is in a strange state of limbo, and I alternate between a few different mindsets from “it will all work out!” to “everything is falling apart!” and then “let’s pretend everything is very normal and stable and worry about it later.” Sometimes I experience all three in one day, even hour. The human mind is a very strange and fickle thing — at least mine is. But this week I decided to do all of the things to be as proactive as possible, to take some time to enjoy a beautiful day with the boy and pup I love most, and to be super selfish and treat myself to some new ink. I decided, in a sense, to attack all three mindsets and live somewhere in the median. It will only be okay if I do everything to make it okay. If it feels like everything is falling apart, I need to remind myself how beautiful life and love can be. And when I want to procrastinate and live in denial, I need to get up and take a good look at the situation.

In other news — as I announced on instagram —  we are fostering a senior dog (but a young senior! She’s 8) and you’ll be seeing a lot of her in the coming days, as we find her a forever home! We have another Foster Dogs NYC photo shoot at the studio on Monday, so she’ll be getting her glamour shots:) We also have our closet sale this Saturday, from 12-6 pm, so I’ll be spending all of Friday prepping for that and planning out Monday’s set with my friend Erin. Sometimes staying busy and taking care of others (in this case, a pupper) is the best self care.

p.s. Want to learn how I tied this scarf? Check out my step by step video tutorial on how to tie a head scarf 3 different ways.


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  1. Love this look, but I also hope everything works out for you. Living in limbo emotionally isn’t fun, but as a strong woman I am sure everything will find its place x