red linen reformation dress
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Red Linen Reformation Dress

Coney Island, Brooklyn

reformation red linen dress reformation red linen dressred linen reformation dressreformation red linen dress red linen reformation dress red linen reformation dress red linen reformation dress

Outfit Details:

red linen Reformation “Mariposa” dress

vintage scarf

vintage wicker bag

B.A.I.T. footwear mustard heels (old, but these are super similar)

Karen Walker “Starburst” sunglasses (much cheaper option here)

Kat Von D “Outlaw” Everlasting Liquid Lipstick


It wouldn’t be a Brooklyn summer without a few trips to the weird and wonderful Coney Island.

I bought this red linen dress from Reformation and asked you all on my insta stories if you had any secrets to keeping it from looking like a wrinkled hot mess. This was right after wearing a pair of linen pants and having them wrinkle beyond belief within minutes, so I was anticipating the same with this dress. Most of you said to embrace the nature of linen and let it wrinkle, so I steamed it the best I could and then let nature run its course. It wrinkled, of course —  but the day’s humidity almost acted like a steamer itself, loosening up the wrinkles just a bit, before they fully set. Truth be told, I was too hot to care about the state of my clothing. All I could really think about was getting a frozen lemonade (so I did). Happy Summer!


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  1. Love the dress!! I was wondering how you protect your skin in the NYC summer heat, especially your tattoos? I just spent the day in the city and I think I sweat off all my sunscreen in minutes! Off-shoulder/cold-shoulder is so in right now (I noticed it in your last few posts) but I’m always afraid to wear it and get burnt to a crisp. Thanks!

    • The thing about SPF is you have to keep reapplying throughout the day, or you’re not really protecting your skin! If I’m going to be out and about, I carry a travel size Supergoop spray or cream with me so I can reapply.