raden suitcase bando duffle
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Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

raden suitcase bando duffle raden suitcase bando duffle

baby blue Raden suitcase

Ban.do “Vacation” Duffel bag

vintage DIY suitcase (instructions here)

vintage handbag

ZeroUV heart sunglasses  ($8.99 plus free shipping)

vintage dress (use this search to find similar styles)

asos heels (old)


Every year, Kimbly and I plan a trip together. And every year, we wait until the last minute to decide where we’re going. So far, it has somehow worked out for us…but one year, we will get it together and actually make a decision within a timely manner. Since we’re aiming for September, we have already fallen short of that “timely manner” goal, and we need to make a decision soon. So now is that time of year, dear readers, when I ask you all for travel suggestions. Is there anywhere you’ve been dying to go? Anywhere you’ve been that we should put on our list? We’re looking to do an international trip, preferably nothing that’s crazy expensive, and big cities are not what we’re aiming for. Something different, something beautiful, something with good food (I mean, that’s what vacations are all about). Any suggestions? Please let me know!


P.S. Helpful packing tips for your next trip.

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  1. Vivien says:

    Malaysia! East Malaysia, Borneo to be specific. You’ll get to experience beautiful islands, nature, good seafood, beautiful sunset…it’s just a good chill place to be 🙂

  2. Caitlin says:

    Seoul is incredible, but I know you said no big cities, so you could use Seoul as a launching point for the rest of the country. You can visit the DMZ, which is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I can say I’ve technically been in North Korea. Nami island is an adorable man-made island near Seoul. There are lots of UNESCO heritage sites to see farther south in the country (some temples and nature, for example) and you could stay in a traditional inn for the full experience. Hiking at Jeju island in the south was really fun too, and they’re known for their pork belly and mandarins. Of course, Korean food is general is amazing! That’s my pitch for South Korea, haha.

  3. Holly says:

    MALLORCA!!! Haha voting for that forever. Plus then I might just invite myself 😉

    • Holly says:

      But also other ideas: Croatia (it’s apparently pretty cheap), my friend recommended Burma to me over Thailand last year, Bali, and Morocco!

  4. Chantal says:

    I really loved Belgium and visiting some of the smaller towns like Bruges. Everything is SO picturesque and I did a 3 hour long chocolate tour where I learned to make my own chocolate. They have delicious food, really nice people, beautiful architecture and landscapes. I loved it! I did; however, go during the Christmas markets so it had that extra special element, but I think it’d be amazing in the fall as well!

  5. AFrenchieInVancity says:

    Vancouver 🙂 You can relax, visit the island and go for hikes. It’s a foodie place and we have tons of good little restaurants.

  6. Kelly Harrison (nycelf) says:

    I went to college in Naples, Italy, and we took the ferry over to the islands of Capri and Ischia all the time. These may be the two most glorious places on the face of the earth. If the Roman gods ever lived anywhere, it would have to be have been in Capri. It is walkable and moped friendl! You must have an Italian old man row you through the Blu Grotto while singing O Sole Mio. EAT THE BEST FOOD GROWN LOCALLY AND ORGANICALLY, drink the best wine and have an after dinner drink of Limoncello grown with local lemons. You’ll have access to the best shopping, the most beautiful gardens and artwork, even a disco or two, a piano bar, the most beautiful views…and the kindest people.

  7. Christine Amato says:

    Reykjavik Iceland! Black sand beaches. Blue Lagoon. Geysers. Glaciers. And elves! Yes! They really believe in elves!

  8. Ashley says:

    I mean… I just booked a flight a few weeks ago for Paris. A nonstop one way ticket from San Francisco to Paris was $240!!!
    You could always explore the countryside if you want to stay away from the big city, Provence looks beautiful!

  9. Laura says:

    Todos Santos Mexico! It’s near Cabo but a totally different scene. The Hotel California (the real one) from the Eagles song is there. It’s a little art centered community and supposed to have amazing food and drinks. For a longer trip you could also spend a few days at Cabo Pulmo, wildlife reserve where they teach you how to scuba dive and then take you out to dive in some of the most beautiful underwater parks.

  10. Kailey says:

    I am crying! This shoot is so stunning!

  11. Briel K. says:

    What about Montreal or Prince Edward Island? (Anne of Green Gables anyone?! <3) I've heard both are wonderful! 🙂

  12. Marian says:

    Come to Greece! The food is amazing, the weather in September is always a bliss and if you want to avoid hustle and “famous” islands head to Hydra. It is the island where donkeys are the only means of transportation, the waters are crystal clear and art is everywhere ❤️

    • Keiko Lynn says:

      It’s at the top of our list!!

  13. Lisa says:

    We loved munich, Germany, as well as Salzburg and Vienna, Austria last summer. It’s so beautiful, clean. We watched surfing in the river in the English Garden in Munich (who knew?), sang and skipped along the road Maria did in the Sound of Music–and the Alps!

  14. Pam says:


    I live in a suburb 20 minutes East of Vancouver. I would say Vancouver, BC. There is so much to do here!! We have so many beautiful Parks, beaches, restaurants and side trips to make your vacation a great one!!

    Hope to hear you’ll say you’ll come!! ????


  15. Snapshot Fashion says:

    One of my favorite places I’ve ever been has to be Paris. I was also in Montreal recently and fell in love with it! In September my husband and I are going to Granada, Spain & Barcelona…which I’m super excited about. Where I’ve always wanted to go has to be Japan, Thailand, and Australia…maybe one day. I’d love for my husband to go with me…but he’s not into the idea of a flight that long.

  16. Lindsey says:

    Utrecht! Like Amsterdam before it got crazy, so charming, beautiful and the food is amazing! They also have an awesome design community.

  17. Marta Soares says:

    Portugal! It’s beautifull, diferent and not expensive

  18. Leigh says:

    It’s probably too late for this, but Morocco. The markets and architecture are beautiful. The lodging, food, and shopping are cheap. You can check out beaches, mountains, and the Sahara. There are monkeys and cats. Marhaba!