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Ask me your questions about blogging and social media!

Do you have any questions about blogging or social media? If so, let me know in the comments below or DM me on my instagram. I get a lot of questions about blogging and social media, and though I try to respond to everyone individually, I figured it’s time to make a resource for all of your questions.

I don’t claim to be an authority on blogging, but I’ve been blogging for more than half my life. So at the very least, I’m persistent. I genuinely enjoy sharing tips and insight with anyone who needs it, so if you have any questions, now is the time to ask them.Β Want to know how to get started with a blog? What is SEO? What equipment I use? How sponsorships work? Best practices on social media platforms? Or maybe you have a more personal question you need help with! Comment or DM me (I’ll keep your info private) and I’ll add it to the list. I’ve gotten a lot of great questions in my DMs so far, and I’ll be working on answering everything in one cohesive post!

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  1. I’ve been following you since you moved to Livejournal (almost half my life!) and I’m curious about how you feel about the changes in the blogging world and your own blogging. When I first started reading, your blog struck me as more a personal blog, little stories and adventures with your friends, DIY, selling your Postlapsaria clothing (I still have some)! I’d get used to knowing your outfits because you would rewear stuff like we normally do! Now you seem much more like a lifestyle blogger and obviously content is geared towards selling things/attracting eyeballs for sponsors and future projects. Everything’s a little more curated and shiny. I don’t begrudge you any of your success because you seem genuinely nice and a girl’s gotta eat! But I’m curious about how you find this change (since other lifestyle bloggers often undergo the same change) and if you have any thoughts on it.

    • Hi Clara! I’ll be answering all of the questions in a blog post, but I felt like I should address this one personally, first:)

      First of all, thank you so much for continuing to follow along! I love my LiveJournal people.

      I think there are several factors there, so I can’t really point to just one. Part of it is growing up and being a little more guarded than I used to be, part of it is being more guarded because there are more eyes on me. When I was on LJ, my following was much more intimate, and I felt like I knew the entire community (even though I didn’t). It felt like a safe place where I could talk about everything, and I always had the option of making things “friends only.” Once I moved over here and my following grew, I had several instances that left me feeling so upset and my guard went way up. I have a pretty thin skin — I hate to admit that, but I do — and get my feelings hurt a little too easily, but there were just some cases where people were being so cruel and malicious that it tore me up. I somewhat subconsciously ended up shifting focus to something a little more surface-y. I still like to make things personal to an extent, but I had to pull back. I hope that makes sense. You can always tell when I go into Livejournal mode — usually at 3 in the morning when I’m feeling super sentimental or struggling with something — but it’s not like it used to be, and that’s a conscious decision I made to protect myself and the ones I love.

      The other (and more obvious) factor is that this turned into a job, which I never thought it could be. Losing Postlapsaria was devastating to me, but every penny I had went back into the clothing line and I couldn’t make ends meet anymore, without completely changing the production. I felt strange about mass producing clothing overseas when I started by making everything one of a kind, and that’s the only way I would’ve been able to keep it going. I made the decision to end it instead, and see where this weird blogging world could take me. Most of what I do is unpaid, save for the tiny bit of $ I make from affiliate links (which is not much, to be quite honest!), so those sponsored posts are what pay the bills, help me take care of my family, and keep my fledgling photo studio open:) I know it is a touchy subject with a lot of people and I truly appreciate you understanding the girl’s gotta eat situation. Ain’t it the truth!

      It’s 1:22 AM and I definitely went on a tangent, so back to the bulk of your question. I miss the old days of blogging, I really do. I think there was a charm and innocence to the crappy self timer photos and remixed outfits, and I miss the connection I felt within the community and with my readers. And selfishly, I miss not being lost in the sea of bloggers — because we’re a dime a dozen (or a penny a million), these days, and sometimes I feel like a hasbeen that never was.

      I think that’s why I have been enjoying insta stories, even though I’m not the best at keeping up with them. Getting to chat with followers through DMs makes me think of the good ol’ days of the blogging community feeling like a giant sleepover with friends.

      Sorry for the novel, but I just wanted to give you a proper, one on one answer instead of just addressing it in the post. I hope you continue to follow along! <333

      • Hi Keiko!

        Thank you so much for your response. It makes total sense. I feel like what/how you wrote is why I started following your blog in the first place–because you seem so genuine. Thank you for taking the time to respond to me! I’m glad I finally knew what happened to Postlapsaria. Just so you know, I still get compliments when I wear the stuff that I have!

  2. Ahoy!

    I imagine you often have people asking you to follow them on social media and you have zero interest in what they’re pushing (be it their brand, a product, etc.) How do you handle situations like that?

    As someone who is beginning to build a brand I get a lot of these pushes, but I feel like there’s no reason to if I’m genuinely not interested or they are not in my niche (especially since it seems like these approaches are merely to increase their following and I get nothing out of it; they follow me for a few days just to get me to follow them, and then they unfollow me. I almost find it embarrassing for them like they are just trying to get their number up, but maybe it’s a legit tactic I’m not aware of?)

    Anywhootle, just wondering!


  3. How do you feel about Instagram? This question is a little broad, but lately I’ve been more and more disenchanted by Instagram. The algorithm is kinda annoying, and sometimes I get frustrated when creative photos fall second to generic Instagram photos of coffee and marble tables. Do you just try not to let that bother you? Or do you have some sort of strategy? I try not to let that bother me and do my best to ignore stats, instead focusing on my own creative pursuits πŸ™‚ -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  4. Hi! I’m 17 years old and want to start a blog of my own but I don’t even know where to begin. I want my blog to be about beauty, books, and just my life. If you could give me some advice and tips I would be so grateful!

  5. Yes Please!!! Thank goodness I found this link to your website! πŸ™‚ I want to know everything… All the answers of above questions that you’ve mentioned! Also, how to transfer blog to trustworthy domains? What is the procedure? How to monetize? And how to increase traffic on Instagram? All that… Thank you so much in advance πŸ™‚ Have a great day!!

    • Hi Savi, can you clarify your question about transfering blog to trusthworthy domains? I don’t quite understand your question. But I will be doing a full post soon on how to set up a blog including domain registration and hosting!

  6. Keiko it’s like you read my mind! This has been a topic I have struggled with since I began my blogging journey this year. All of the above questions are great to ask, but to be honest, I know in order to monetize my blog it will take A LOT of effort and A LOT more time. So I’m not too worried about calling my full time job quits just yet!

    My real question is, how do you attract authentic followers? Not the kind of spammy bloggers who follow you for a day (hope you follow them back) then delete you from their friends list. A lot of my traffic comes from my IG; so many photos I post mirror photos I feature on a blog post. I’d love to find like minded people who don’t need me to share half naked photos for follows. Do you have any tips on how to grow your following organically while staying true to your style and personality? Or is it just, put your head down and do the work even if no one watches (or follows)?

    Oh, and before I forget I have one more quick question! When do you think it’s worth signing up for conferences? For example, I remember you were on the lineup for Create&Cultivate. Another blogger and I talked about investing in the cost of travel / hotel / and the actual conference itself. We decided if we made it another year or two consistently blogging, then we’d meet up at the next conference! Do you think conferences are worth the investment for small bloggers or is it geared and more beneficial for popular bloggers?

    Sorry for the novel, but this is a post I couldn’t pass up! I’m not lying when I say I’ve been living vicariously through your blogging days. It’s made me so happy to see your success from a small blogger to a recognized name! In turn, your blogging journey is what inspired mine. Thank you for taking the time to share your insights and tips with all of us Keiko.

  7. Hi Keiko,
    I am a visual artist and textile designer on my 2nd blog…first one was more for fun and my new one A Day in the Life, is my more professinal and curated.
    Anyway, I’m wondering how important is it to find a niche ? I love interiors, lifestyle etc…so Im wondering if you think it is ok to bring all that in!?
    Also, how did you get your first 1000 fans?
    I would love to know:) My dream is to launch my own product line and blog full time. TY!

  8. I’m concerned that for some inexplicable reason the complimentary comment I left on your post
    “Red Heart Umbrella” may have errantly wound up in your blog’s spam folder.
    Could you please check?
    I have followed your blog for a long time and have had a link to your blog on the font of my blog “Full Brief Panties” for years.
    I remember commenting on the fabulous photos you took at Betsey Johnson’s birthday party.
    I never used to have problems having my comments., but if it’s going to be a problem commenting on your blog in the future I’d like to know.
    Thanks in advance for checking!

  9. Hi there gorgeous! I have a random (serious lol) question. I’m 31yrs old, and want to start blogging. I can’t help feeling like I’m “too old’ to barely be starting now. I guess you could say I’m going through a early mid life crisis? I’m know we’re pretty close but you’ve been doing this for so long! Is there a such thing as it being too late? PS love your blog and instagram..You’re totally one of my top 5 faves.

    xoxo Denise

  10. I want to start blogging but have a hard time focusing the topics. I like and do may different things but nothing in specialty. How could I approach that?