modcloth striped skirt
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Winter Rainbow

modcloth striped skirt modcloth striped skirt

Outfit Details:

Modcloth striped skirt — available in XXS – 4X

Modcloth sweater (available in 9 colors, XXS-4X)

Lark & Ro  navy cocoon coat (under $75 and free prime shipping!)

Sam Edelman “Lorene” pumps (available in 5 colors)

red beret

Oui Fresh “Daisy” sunglasses in Marigold

Strathberry “MC Mini tote” bag

Smashbox “Bang Bang” Always On matte liquid lipstick


I recently got this skirt from Modcloth and wore it on one of our oddly “warm” days. Don’t get me wrong, it was still chilly — but when you have a winter as cold as this one has been, anything above 45 feels downright tropical. I have this thing with wearing colorful clothing in the winter, because it cheers me up. If I’m feeling affected by SAD (and that’s usually often, since the days are so short), I find that wearing brighter colors helps me feel a little more lively. The sunshine-y daisy sunglasses don’t hurt, either!

The thing is, this winter has been exceptionally cold but I’ve been in much better spirits. You know what helps? Having sunlight while it’s available. Our new apartment has lots of light, since the windows are so large and cover half of our apartment. Our old apartment was long and dark, and only got sunlight in one room at a time — my room in the morning, the back room in the afternoon. And the living room had no windows, so it was always dark. I know there’s artificial light (obviously), but it’s just not the same. Leave it to a dark winter to demonstrate how important it is to soak in the daylight. New apartment with large windows and outdoor space = total game changer. Not just for Bobby and me but for Miku, who lives for laying outside and letting the cold wind blow through her majestic mane — or feathers, as my little nephew Ryder calls them.

For those of you who have been asking, I promise to do an apartment tour soon. But to be honest, we still aren’t settled in. I’ve been having a difficult time finding the right furniture for the space that still feels like me. If you have any online furniture shop recommendations, please let me know! I’ve been shopping all the usual suspects and have a few things bookmarked, but I’m still looking. This weekend I’m hitting a flea market, but since I’m currently in LA I don’t think I’ll be able to bring anything back that can’t fit into my suitcase. Shipping furniture is too expensive. I’ll be going treasure hunting back home once flea market season starts back up, but right now it’s slim pickings.

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  1. Natali says:

    Oh my, I can relate to you 100%! It’s been cold and dark Winter in Finland too so even couple of degrees “up” makes a big difference for me and I’m happy to wear more colour and skirts too. 🙂
    I also agree on the importance of the daylight/ sunlight… You totally notice when it’s not present in your daily life and it’s so easy to get the Winter blues then.

    Anyway, you’re looking super sweet in this chic and unique outfit!

  2. Laura says:

    i usually like wearing colour in the winter for the exact same reason, but lately have been in a lot more dark outfit than usually.. but, i love that skirt and the sunglasses! so cute! xx

  3. Noelle says:

    Lol! yes! I couldn’t agree more anything above 40* has a tropical feel to me in January. You look so pretty in these statement sunglasses! Great look

  4. Panty Buns says:

    Your colourful Modcloth vertical striped pleated skirt looks lovely styled with the bright red top and beret, yellow sunnies and pretty red lipstick.

  5. 5ft Life says:

    That skirt is one of the most perfect skirts ive seen! I love it 😀 I think we all suffer from SAD tbh, nobody like the dark winters! Can bring everything down… Especially your mood.

    Hayley xx