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8 Things I Want In My Closet This Spring

denim overall dress, Seychelles mustard heels, red sweater, yellow striped shirt, Dita “Hurricane” sunglasses.

I am so ready for Spring, you have no idea. Luckily, I’m currently in South Florida (heading on a cruise with my grandparents!) and that has gotten me in the Spring state of mind. Or really, Summer — there is really only one season here. On the way down here, I was doing some online shopping (meant to be browsing) and ended up getting this shirt and yet another pair of my favorite jeans , since they have 30% off with the code FOLLOWURCART. Also, I asked for everyone’s input: should I get the top or the dress version? The vote was a 50/50 split, so I went with my gut and got the shirt. Here are some other pieces I added to my wish list. Any favorites?

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