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3 Ways to Style Your Bangs


Video by Bobby

The first step to having great bangs has a lot to do with how you get them cut. My longtime stylist told me it’s not just about what you take out, but what you leave in. My current bangs situation is my own doing (and needs a little evening out, I see…) but normally when I leave his chair, they’re top notch. I used to have my bangs in a blunt cut that didn’t suit my face, and when he introduced those longer sides, it felt so much more natural on me. Less severe. More versatile! I can wear them so many different ways, but these three are my favorite: the traditional full bangs, Bardot bangs, and sideswept bangs. I teamed up with Wella Professionals to show you how to style your bangs 3 ways with two of my favorite products: Wella Professionals EIMI “Body Crafter” Flexible Volumizing Spray and Wella Professionals EIMI “Stay Firm” Workable Finishing Hairspray. The former will give your hair lots of body and the perfect amount of texture to “mold” your bangs without making them stiff. The latter is the perfect lightweight, workable hairspray for just about any hairstyle, and is by far my most used hairspray. Watch the video to see them in action!

Full Bangs:

It’s kind of rare that I wear my bangs fully down, but I love having the option. Since they’re a little on the longer side, I give them some lift at the roots with volumizing spray and a large round brush.

  1. Spritz hair with Wella Professionals EIMI “Body Crafter” Flexible Volumizing Spray
  2. Roll with a large round brush
  3. Blow dry in a downward motion, rolling the brush as you go
  4. Comb into place

Bardot Bangs:

These can be done with a blow dryer as well — just split down the center, shape, and spritz in place. But normally I like the way these look more with a curling iron, because I get a little bit more of a structured shape to them and they’ll lay in place. Also, since I was continuing from the first bangs, I didn’t spritz them again — but normally using a heat protectant or volumizing spray before curling can make all the difference.

  1. Separate bangs and clip.
  2. Curl the first part in two sections with a 1.25″ curling iron.
  3. Curl the top under and comb it all out.
  4. Separate down the middle and shape with your fingers, “molding” your hair in the direction you want it to sit. Do this when they’re freshly curled, as that’s when they’ll set!
  5. Finish with Wella Professionals EIMI “Stay Firm” Workable Finishing Hairspray

Sideswept Bangs:

Bobby said these are the most “me” bangs, although I do a 50/50 split between Bardot and sideswept. Using product and a curling iron (or a large round brush with a blow dryer — but again, I prefer the curling iron most days!) takes them from flat and limp to full and sculpted, the way I like them.

  1. Spritz hair with Wella Professionals EIMI “Body Crafter” Flexible Volumizing Spray
  2. Curl under with a 1.25″ curling iron.
  3. Brush them out
  4. Sweep to the side and shape with your fingers, then comb it all out
  5. Finish with Wella Professionals EIMI “Stay Firm” Workable Finishing Hairspray

That’s it! Which bangs are your favorite?

This post was made in partnership with Wella Professionals.

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  1. Caroline says:

    I haven’t had bangs in years, but this post makes me want to get them again! I esepcially love the Bardot bangs. All three look great on you!

  2. Anna McNinja says:

    So helpful! Thanks for sharing! Would love if you also did a tutorial on how you cut your bangs 🙂

  3. toni says:

    omg thank you for this! I have had bangs my whole life but just use a flat iron which doesnt give it that lovely curve that you got in your video! I’ll definitely try the method you used for the full bangs ! <3