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A New Summer Floral Dress

brooklyn, ny

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Rebecca Taylor off the shoulder Marlena floral dress (on sale)

blush heels with pearl detail

Flynn bag

pink beret

When I first spotted this dress, I felt oddly drawn to it [considering it’s not my usual silhouette] in a must-stalk-until-on-sale kind of way. I ended up getting it during a site-wide sale (hooray for sales alerts!), but naturally, it’s even more on sale at the moment. Isn’t that always the case? It reminds me of 80s Laura Ashley in the best kind of way. I first wore it on our family cruise, because even though it’s not a very out-to-sea dress, I couldn’t wait to wear it and it arrived right before we left. But now that I think of it, I do believe Ariel would’ve worn something like this when she got her legs, and if a mermaid’s wardrobe isn’t out-to-sea-ish (or boatish, as my nephew likes to say when he sees anything remotely nautical), I don’t know what is. So there you have it: Rebecca Taylor does 80s Laura Ashley for The Little Mermaid when she gets her legs. I’d call that my look.

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  1. BeingIsabella says:

    This dress really is the perfect off the shoulder floral dress. Two things I love, off the shoulder and florals, so together there is really no opportunity to go wrong! Especially because the base of the dress is a light pink and there are buttons running down the dress. Another two things I love! The dress kind of looks like it’s from Reformation! Do you see what I mean? I’m glad it’s on sale, I’m definitely going to look into it – you’ve also found the most perfect of locations to match this dress!

  2. Panty Buns says:

    That off-shoulder Marlena floral dress looks much more beautiful being worn by you than it does on the model on the Rebecca Taylor website! Your outfit photos are gorgeous!!! I like how the pink beret looks with the dress. Your lipstick looks very pretty.