belle disney halloween costume keiko lynn

Disney Halloween Costume: Belle from Beauty and the Beast

belle disney halloween costume keiko lynn

vintage dress


Hair by Erica of PinMeUp Hair

Set by Erin Solari

Illustrations by Will Orr


Tale as old as time…


The second look in my Disney Princess Halloween series is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Now, it’s no wonder that her name means “beauty” — her looks have got no parallel. A girl who likes to….read? How peculiar;)

Belle was immediately one of my favorite Disney leading ladies from the first time I saw Beauty and the Beast, because she loved to read and had a stubborn independence that spoke to me. Sure, she may have suffered from slight Stockholm syndrome (yeesh, Beast), but I suppose the singing, dancing, animated objects who waited on her hand and foot may have also won her over. Who can resist a candelabra with a French accent and penchant for service? Fine dining and entertainment, a fancy new wardrobe, a castle…I can see the appeal. And that grey stuff? It’s delicious! Don’t believe me? Ask the dishes! (Or have it at Be Our Guest, the restaurant at Magic Kingdom.)

For my costumes, I prefer using clothing items I’ll wear more than once, rather than store bought costumes (although those can be handy, too) — and in this case, I found the perfect vintage dress to fit the bill. The beauty of Belle (get it?) is that you can do a few different looks: provincial Belle, hooded winter cape Belle, yellow ball gown Belle. Her yellow dress was always one of my favorite princess dresses!

Stay tuned for the next Disney Princess in my Halloween series. Can you guess who it is?

p.s. Click here to see Alice In Wonderland.

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  1. Amber says:

    You’re killing me here! <3 You're the Belle of the Blog.

  2. Panty Buns says:

    Your vintage princess dress looks beautiful, and you look like a beautiful princess wearing it! I love the yellow chiffon and the ruffle details. I love how your pretty red lipstick and the long-stemmed red rose complement the pretty yellow chiffon princess gown.