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pink and red

Outfit Details:

red corduroy Rolla’s (on sale!! more from Rolla’s here)

J.Crew pink sweater (48% off with 48HOURS)

J.Crew pink belt (48% off with 48HOURS)

old shoes (from Banana Republic)

pink heart sunglasses

Strathberry bag


It may be closer to Christmas, but I’m wearing an outfit that says Valentine’s Day…in a setting that says Thanksgiving. We took so many Fall photos, I’m still trying to catch up with my posts so I can start with my holiday outfits and makeup looks. In the meantime, you can follow along in real time on my instagram, where I’m in full #ChristmasKeik mode.

These pants were a little out of my comfort zone, being wide legged, high waisted, red corduroy. You know me, more of of a dress/skirt/jeans person — but I’ve been slowly introducing actual pants into my wardrobe, mixing it up a bit. I ended up really loving these pants and have already worn them quite a bit. Can’t you picture these styled for Christmas? Speaking of styling: I’ve been thinking about bringing back the wardrobe remixes of yesteryear, showing how I style one piece in a few different ways. I kind of miss those posts!

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