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Blue Christmas

New York, New York


Outfit Details:

Collectif x ModCloth velvet holiday dress (also available in solid green)

Club Monaco coat

Chelsea Crew mustard velvet heels (also available in grey)

Charlotte Olympia bag

mustard beret


The moment I saw this dress, I knew I wanted it for the holidays. Much like my snowflake skirt, it reminded me of Elsa…with a vintage inspired twist! While I’m forever in red and green and poinsettias during the Christmas season, I like that this particular velvet holiday dress can be worn beyond the holidays. It also comes in a luxe emerald green, so good luck deciding between the two!

Since I spend much of December in Florida, I’ve been fitting in as many holiday festivities as possible — and I don’t mean parties. Ice skating, visiting all of the trees (Rockefeller and Lotte New York Palace being my favorites), holiday markets, viewing all the decked out windows, having cozy afternoon teas, driving through Dyker Heights, decorating and wrapping gifts while listening to *NSYNC’s Christmas album, watching White Christmas and other [lesser] Christmas movies. I have really been doing the most.

Truthfully, there was a long time when December felt so lonely to me. Being the only one in my family who moved away, I ended up making a lot of my own annual traditions to keep me in the holiday spirit before the holiday itself. Since Bobby used to work very odd hours, I did a lot of these things alone. It sometimes felt lonely, but eventually became something I looked forward to and it gave me a reason to get out and be among the living, especially when I didn’t have many friends to keep me company. I still do a lot of these things by myself, not because I don’t have anyone to come with me (Bobby is now freelance, so he gets to do a lot more with me — and I’m lucky to have amazing friends!), but because it’s something I truly enjoy whether I’m in good company or all alone. If I’m in the city for an appointment or errands, I’ll take a slight detour and soak up some holiday cheer before I hop on the train back home. There’s something very magical about strolling through NYC with hot cocoa and Christmas music everywhere, just taking in the sights of the festive store windows, the lit up trees, and shopping the holiday markets. I’m grateful I got to share that with Bobby, my sister and our friend Samara, this year — but I hope that if you’re alone during the days leading up to and on Christmas, you’ll make some traditions for yourself.

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  1. Katie says:

    I love the idea of making your own traditions and taking little positive steps to show yourself some kindness when you feel lonely. Such a refreshing and thoughtful approach.

    • Keiko Lynn says:

      “Show yourself some kindness” is the best way to put it!

  2. Linda J. says:

    Wonderful reminder of something I strongly believe. I am responsible for my own happiness. Glad you are taking in all the holiday festivities. Safe travels. ❤️?❤️

    • Keiko Lynn says:

      Thank you! Happy holidays!