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Fall Plaid

Outfit Details:

EV1 plaid jacket (also comes in another color)

sweater tank

denim mini skirt

navy ankle boots


I wore this outfit on a day that actually felt like Fall weather. I have one of the worst memories, so it may have been exactly the same last year, but doesn’t it seem like a particularly hot September? So when you get days like this, when it’s high 60s, low 70s with a nice breeze, you go–and stay–outside. The previous day, I had a full day shoot in 85 degree weather, in the direct sun with a coat and boots. Why is that always the case?

It’s still not quite coat weather and I’m not rushing it, but I was happy to wear a light jacket and ankle boots. I just got this cute little plaid jacket for a collaboration with Walmart Fashion, and I based my whole outfit around it. It’s a great transitional piece: warm, but lightweight enough for those in-between days. The knit tank comes in other color options, and I wanted it in cream but my size was sold out. This color ended up being so pretty, though, so I didn’t mind! I ended up bookmarking it in case it comes back in stock, because I really like the weight and shape of it. 

Does anyone remember that fashion boutique in NYC, Scoop? When their stores closed, it felt like the end of an era when new brands were largely discovered and championed in brick and mortar curations. Everything went online, leaving little room for boutiques like theirs in our high rent city, and though I literally never shopped there (I couldn’t afford to!) and probably stepped foot in the stores only a few times, it was sad to see them shut down. But now it’s back (in brand form only) at Walmart. So, I guess it wasn’t the end of an era, but more of an evolution. What I learned when shopping for this outfit is that they have really stepped it up when it comes to style options. Did you know they even carry premium brands? Times have changed, haven’t they? Even my shopping habits have changed. Other than vintage shopping, I do most of my shopping online these days. How about you? Do you still prefer trying things on in store or at home?

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  1. Joey says:

    I need to get the all black version of these boot! So in love!

  2. Maria says:

    Love the plaid!