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One Shirt, 30 Ways

I just finished my #30wears challenge with Downy, and I have to say that this has been one of my favorite partnerships to date. It made me reexamine my closet and think of all new ways to wear items that have otherwise been overlooked in favor of my go-to items. It’s a little heartbreaking for me to see that first photo of Vester and me — it still doesn’t seem real. He (like Miku) always liked to insert himself into my photographs and ended up being the star of the shot. I can’t say much more or I’m going to start crying again, but anyway…I’m grateful for every photo, video, and memory I have with my perfect cat. He was the absolute best.

Sorry for that tangent. I wanted to have all 30 outfits in one spot, for reference and to answer the FAQ about where I got certain things. If they’re stoppable, they’re linked. See all 30 below and let me know which outfit is your favorite.

Left to right (all worn with a vintage cotton shirt): worn with Madewell (my favorites!) 10″ high rise skinny jeans in Hayes Wash (sizes 23-37); with a vintage floral pinafore, beret, vintage wicker handbag, and Swedish Hasbeens; with vintage shorts and Melissa heart sandals (also in red); with wide leg pull on pants and sandals. 

Left: with pink cardigan (on sale), pink suede belt, high waisted skinny jeans, velvet shoes and Keiko-Chan Bonlook glasses. Right: Keiko-Chan Bonlook glasses, red cable cardigan, high waisted Corey Lynn Calter shorts, Charlotte Olympia velvet cat flats.

Left to right: Vintage Levi’s jacket with horse embroidery, Levi’s wedgie jeans, Adidas Campus sneakers vintage Coach backpack; vintage shorts and scarf, Adidas, Melissa jelly tote, Miu Miu sunglasses; Kate Spade gingham midi skirt, Calvin Klein stretch linen beltKaty Perry “The Sierra” heels, beaded tote bag , straw hat; vintage floral linen blazer, AGOLDE wide leg Ren jeans, velvet shoes.

Left: vintage denim wrap skirt, vintage mushroom bag, Swedish Hasbeens shoes, Miu Miu sunglasses, vintage scarf. Right: Vintage floral jacket, corduroy mini skirt, beaded tote bag , Seychelles “Rehearse” heels.

Left: color block jacket, Oui Fresh sunglasses, pink corduroy skirt, velvet sandals, beaded tote bag. Right: straw hat, Karen Walker sunglasses, stretchy pink belt, vintage floral skirt, Swedish Hasbeens, Pop & Suki bag. 

Left: ModCloth floral wide leg pants, Katy Perry “The Sierra” heels, Flynn circle bag, thrifted belt. Right: beaded tote bag, pom pom midi skirt, Sarah Flint slingback shoes


Left (top): polka dot jumpsuit, polka dot scarf, Seychelles sandals, vintage Coach bag. Right: Madewell washed moto jacket, Agolde high rise “Pinch” jeans, Naturalizer “Betty” flats

Left to right: vintage scarf, Keiko Lynn Bonlook glasses, old Forever 21 skirt, bag, JCrew Penny sandals; loose cardigan sweater, vintage floral skirt, Polene Paris bag, Charlotte Olympia velvet cat flats; AGOLDE denim shorts, pink Converse, pink bandana; Madewell wide leg jeans, Flynn bag, Sarah Flint Rosie loafers

Left: vintage denim shorts, suede sandals, vintage scarf, Polene Paris bag. Right: suede motorcycle jacket, scarf, Madewell jeans, Naturalizer boots


Left: scarf, vintage jacket, Coach bag, Charlotte Olympia flats, vintage skort. Right: vintage jeans, Seychelles sandals, pink bandana. 

Left: Oui Fresh sunglasses, oversized cardigan, pink plaid pants, Seychelles heels, vintage bag. Right: beret, Madewell moto jacket, Uniqlo pants, Naturalizer flats.

Left: custom Daily Disco jacket, red corduroy skirt, strappy heels, beaded tote bag. Right: vintage scarf, Keiko Lynn glasses, Free People sweater, AGOLDE jeans, Seychelles “Rehearse” heels, vintage bag and belt.


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  1. Saguaro Style says:

    I LOVE this post so much! Fantastic inspiration. I love when bloggers and influencers encourage us to enjoy the clothes we have in fun new ways. I’ve loved your style for years, awesome content, thanks for taking the time to do this! xx

  2. Sarah says:

    i absolutely loved this post! what a fun idea and challenge. so fun to kind of see you IRL with lots of variety in one post.

  3. Maria says:

    Love this challenge! So inspiring!

  4. Joey says:

    I was really hoping you’d make a post with all your 30 Ways photos! It’s so incredible to see how versatile a garment can be like this. I really hope you do something like this again soon (even if it’s not 30 ways)! I need to invest in a white short sleeve button up asap.

  5. Jasmine Harris says:

    I love this! So, much inspiration in just one post. Plus, I’d love to do a 30 wears challenge of my own but I’m not sure which item I would choose.