Every time I see someone wearing white tights (online), it is accompanied by a negative comment. There is always at least one person who says they make their legs look like sausages. It’s always sausages. Well, I have been the object of that ridicule on more than one occasion, but I refuse to give in. I like how they look, sausage legs or not.

Outfit details:
vintage beret with vintage brooch (both from my mom’s store)
peter pan collar top – Lux (second hand, Beacon’s Closet)
thrifted belt
vintage gloves (also from mom’s store)
thrifted lace slip skirt
thrifted white tights (new in packaging from target; bought at salvation army)
nine west bow heels
vintage purse (!!!! my favorite; a gift from my mom)
Obama pin:)

makeup details:
too reddish brown brow pencil (stupid purchase; I should stick with the tried and true)
rimmel blush
MAC skinfinish (Light)
MAC blacktrack fluidline and stilife paint on eyes
Estee Lauder lipstick in Fig (thanks, Penelope!)

I have a long night/day of Thanksgiving cooking ahead of me. Yet, here I sit, telling you all about my outfit. Oh well.

-Keiko Lynn

  1. pomegranate season says: November 27, 20085:20 am

    Your legs look like sausages!!

    Totally kidding. You look adorable and really put together, sort of like a member of Paris high society, at a tea party… if that makes any sense.

  2. Mehreen Qudosi says: November 27, 20085:56 am

    I need to visit your mum’s store.
    amazing stuff.
    ps – happy thanksgiving!

  3. Anonymous says: November 27, 20086:00 am

    i think white tights generally make the wearer look doll-like. which is good, of course.

  4. Preto Novo says: November 27, 20086:11 am

    but you look amazing always!

    thanks for the add btw =)

  5. Sarah-Rose & Craig says: November 27, 20086:13 am

    I think it depends on the outfit! (and the opacity of the tights)
    But yours look fabulous!

  6. Elit Alice says: November 27, 20088:46 am

    i never heard anyone ever saying sausages… i was told its little girlish, but i love white tights as well!!

    this is such a perfect outfit btw.

  7. Ronise says: November 27, 200811:48 am

    I like white tights. In fact, I was wearing white tights yesterday and noticed that everyone was looking at my legs. I don’t even know why.

  8. nezz says: November 27, 200812:49 pm

    It’s fantastic to see you blogging more 🙂

    White leggings are awesome – but they are pretty hard for me to find down here in Western Australia!

  9. sweetbabyblue says: November 27, 20081:31 pm

    I adore the skirt!

  10. pinkpeas says: November 27, 20082:23 pm

    oh i love this!!!!

  11. Brigid says: November 27, 20082:41 pm

    A+ outfit, my dear. I love the beret and the skirt especially. I was thinking of buying white tights to go with a dress I have, but I had no idea people thought they looked bad. Just goes to show you how fashionable I am.

  12. Amanda says: November 27, 20083:27 pm

    I don’t see how white tights make your legs look like sausages. I love white tights haha.

    But I LOOOVE this outfit so much! Nice work.

  13. Keiko Lynn says: November 27, 20083:51 pm

    Brigid – I like white tights. I say go for it!

  14. Keiko Lynn says: November 27, 20083:51 pm

    Thanks, everybody!

  15. Keiko Lynn says: November 27, 20083:57 pm

    p.s. I never really understood the “sausages” thing, but I see it all the time, and have had more than one person tell me my legs looked like sausages in white tights. I don’t remember most sausages being white, but I guess one person said it and it stuck. I agree that it makes a doll-like appearance and I also concur that it’s a good thing;)

  16. jillian leigh says: November 27, 20084:20 pm

    what’s skinfinish?

  17. Trains and Sewing Machines says: November 27, 20084:48 pm

    I love the lace skirt! And white tights remind me of dancing because you have to wear the white but slightly pink ones for ballet.

  18. Keiko Lynn says: November 27, 20085:29 pm

    MAC makes several different skinfinishes. This one in particular is a “natural,” so it’s basically like pressed powder, except smoother and more natural looking (on me). It has comes in different shades, has sheer coverage (if you use a fluff brush) and basically just keeps me from getting shiny.

    The other skinfinishes are pretty and shimmery and are used for highlighting, bronzing or blush. Most of them are discontinued or were limited edition. I have a few of them and they’re staples for me.

  19. Nelinda says: November 27, 20086:38 pm

    Coincidently my thanksgiving outfit is very similar to this. Except put black tights on. Great mind thinks alike!

  20. Emily Anne says: November 28, 20088:12 am

    So I think this is the best outfit you have ever presented. Both here and viva la LJ. Classic and lovely.

  21. small k says: November 30, 20086:01 am

    White tights remind me of dressing up on Sundays in pretty dresses and going out to late lunches afterwards. That was the best part of my childhood so I love them.

    You pull off the tights wonderfully. Gorgeous outfit.

  22. Rachel says: December 2, 20088:59 pm

    i love Lux clothing so so so much.

  23. Tani says: December 7, 20089:33 am

    You look so flawless you look like a warm, breathing mannequin! (That’s meant to be good!)

  24. disa says: January 23, 20105:03 pm