(Considering we put these costumes together at the last possible moment, I think they turned out alright! We took some liberties here and there but I think we got the point across.)

Love love,

Keiko Lynn and Bobby

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  1. FeeMail says: November 5, 200910:28 am

    That's a totally amazing outfit! Ok, both :-)!

  2. le blog de leen says: November 5, 200910:36 am

    that's such a good idea this Mary Poppins post 🙂
    you two look amazing


  3. Louise says: November 5, 200911:05 am

    Great costumes. Love it.

  4. minteva says: November 5, 200911:19 am

    probably my favourite costumes that i've seen this year, you guys look fantastic!

  5. Denise says: November 5, 200911:54 am

    adorable! i love the red bow.

    I Am Denise Katipunera

  6. a stylized hysteria says: November 5, 200912:13 pm

    These are great costumes- really creative! Awesome job 🙂

  7. olivia rae says: November 5, 200912:36 pm

    incredibly adorable! you guys both look amazing as always! xo

  8. Diane says: November 5, 20091:19 pm

    wow they were put together last minute??? very impressive!

  9. Vixel says: November 5, 20091:55 pm

    They're absolutely stunning costumes and a fabulous idea! You both look great!

  10. Mrs. Lovers Knot says: November 5, 20093:11 pm

    You guys are too cute!

  11. Mandi says: November 5, 20094:36 pm

    I'm totally jealous that you had a Burt to go with your outfit. 🙂

  12. Elle says: November 5, 20094:42 pm

    So adorable! 🙂

  13. A Thought Is The Blossom says: November 5, 20094:49 pm

    Indeed, you did fantastic. I think these are the best couple costumes I've seen in like 5 years. I thought about being Mary Poppins but I would have never dreamed up such a wonderful Dick Van Dyke (can't remember his movie name) costume! Wonderful job!

  14. [Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken]* says: November 5, 20095:06 pm

    I love those photos, u're both so cute!


  15. Francesca says: November 5, 20095:11 pm

    Oh my god you are so INCREDIBLY cute. I love Mary Poppins, and you are the perfect couple for this!!!

  16. Grace says: November 5, 20095:20 pm

    You two are precious, Keiko!
    I don't think a couple could go wrong dressing as Mary and Bert!

    <3 Grace.

  17. Plastic Pearls says: November 5, 20095:23 pm

    I love it! I think you two look WONDERFUL! Makes me smile 🙂

  18. Angela says: November 5, 20095:27 pm

    Where might I be able to find a hat like that? Is it a smaller version of a top hat or does it have a different name?

  19. Maria Confer says: November 5, 20095:36 pm

    You both did such an amazing job!! I can't believe these were last minute costumes. They're perfect.

  20. Mel says: November 5, 20095:56 pm

    I really love your costumes! I can't believe you did it last minute! My Mary Poppins costume took forever to sew!

  21. Lilly says: November 5, 20096:14 pm

    Dear Keiko,

    your Halloween costume is amazing. Among all fashion bloggers I like yours best this season. And OMG, the kids are so cute in 'Trick or Treat'. That must have been a wonderful day!
    Lilly 😀

  22. Katrina says: November 5, 20096:14 pm

    I love your costumes!!

    My Halloween was filled with seeing lots of ill-dressed women stumbling around. I wish some people were more creative with costumes and put more effort into dressing up than just slapping on a pair of animal ears and walking outside in their lingerie.

  23. Kirstin says: November 5, 20096:38 pm


  24. WILDasaMINK says: November 5, 20096:45 pm

    For last minute, well it looks like you two slaved over perfecting those costumes for at least 1 month! They're perfect!!! You clearly got hte point across, you make a lovely Mary Poppins for sure.

  25. Francine says: November 5, 20097:01 pm

    I love this! Did you decorate the hat yourself? It turned out great.

  26. Heather says: November 5, 20097:05 pm

    Mary Popins! So cute and I love your spin on it.

  27. Victoria T. says: November 5, 20098:02 pm

    very perfect indeed!! great job on all the hard work you must have put into this project.
    -Victoria T.

  28. MAISON CHAPLIN says: November 5, 20098:40 pm

    I really love your style, Do you marry me?? Lol


  29. Mo says: November 5, 20098:45 pm

    you guys look stunning; Makes me wanna see that movie again…

  30. MzElena23 says: November 5, 20099:11 pm

    You two are insanely ADORABLE! A perfect match! 😉

  31. ilrem says: November 5, 200910:00 pm

    how lovely! I was Mary Poppins at one of my birthday costume parties and some of my friends like to call me Mary Poppins ever since. that was just so heartwarming to see how you two dressed for Halloween. 🙂

  32. style-magnet says: November 5, 200910:04 pm

    OH MY GOD. This is the best costume I think I've ever seen. Ever. Seriously. I used to watch Mary Poppins all the time when I was younger. I think you've inspired some ideas for next year's Halloween 🙂 You two are (spit-)SPOT ON!

  33. Keiko Lynn says: November 5, 200910:22 pm

    Thank you everyone!

    Angela: It's actually a bowler hat – I just dented the top part down to make it look flat. The one she wears in the movie looks more like a boater.

    Francine: I did! I just stitched some little daisies and fake fruits I had to the hat. Just a few stitches so I can easily remove them:)

    Style-magnet: Thanks, Sara! I used to watch Mary Poppins obsessively. And pretty much every Disney movie.

  34. Suzanne says: November 5, 200910:26 pm

    you're so creative <3

  35. Kirsten Leigh Kuehn says: November 5, 200911:17 pm

    i love love love it!!
    {uninhibited fashion}

  36. Lucile says: November 5, 200911:43 pm

    You've got a beautiful smile you know ? I love your outfit, especially on the first picture ! Bobby and you just look stunning !

  37. Anonymous says: November 6, 20091:29 am

    These costumes are amazing!! They would've taken me ages to plan out. I love the idea of Halloween costumes that manage to be clever but still practical and comfortable. Totally on the mark here!

  38. Eyeliah says: November 6, 20091:43 am

    last minute? that is even more amazing.

  39. Melissa Renee says: November 6, 20093:22 am

    I'm loving the costumes…they're awesome! And…you guys are a very cute couple!

  40. Sher says: November 6, 20094:26 am

    wow last minute?? I think these are the best ive seen so far!

  41. violetville says: November 6, 20097:09 pm

    i love the red lips!!

  42. Luxe. says: November 7, 20091:31 am

    These costumes are fantastic!!.x

  43. A glance at my world says: November 7, 20097:23 am

    You two are perfectly adorable!

  44. Lorena says: November 7, 20099:30 pm

    OMG… what a great set of pictures…. you guys rock, what a beautiful couple.

  45. Misha says: November 7, 200911:56 pm

    This I must say is the best couple-dress-up I've seen ever! Fantastic!

  46. Little says: November 8, 20092:05 pm

    love mary poppins you look so great!

  47. icaimages says: November 9, 20095:22 am

    this is simply amazing!!!!!

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    Oh my god – you guys look PERFECT. This makes me so happy.

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    AMAZING costumes!!! so creative and classic! mary poppins is awesome!

  50. Erica Leigh says: November 9, 20099:56 pm

    this is absolutely perfect! i love it. <3

  51. Trains and Sewing Machines says: November 10, 20095:29 pm

    Wow, what a great idea!! You guys look awesome!

  52. cassandra @ coco+kelley says: November 10, 20099:31 pm

    BEST costume EVER! my coloring is just the same as yours and i am so filing this away for our next couples costume!

  53. Wear Necessities says: November 11, 200912:22 am

    HOLY MOLY you look awesome!! i love mary poppins. this is such an amazing costume!

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    Love it!! u did this last minute?!! wow!

  55. Danielle Lee says: November 12, 20096:02 pm

    I love the outfits…very inspirational. Would love to see how you could incorporate a similar style outfit into your everyday wardrobe. You blog is definitely one of my favorites.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  56. clareassiral says: November 14, 20097:07 am

    My favourite costume of the year! You two look so convincing as the characters

  57. apocalypstick says: November 30, 20094:55 am

    Holy smokes!

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