I’ve been a fan of this ban.do headband ever since I saw it on Cup of Jo. It reminds me of candy and all things wonderful. Needless to say, I was super excited when Tweet My Style asked me to be a part of their collaboration with ban.do. The best part: anyone who uploads a photo to Tweet My Style will be entered to win one of several headbands. You have until tomorrow, so get to it!

Outfit Details:
headband: courtesy of Heart by Ban.do
dress (worn as top): H&M
skirt: reconstructed from an 80s dress
heels: thrifted

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

p.s. Kim took several pictures of me hacking up my lungs between poses. I told her I would put up one of the pictures, but I decided to spare you all. Sorry, Kim!

  1. Diane says: May 19, 20109:14 pm

    this look is SO CUTE!
    p.s. you need to give me makeup lessons. you always look so flawless.

  2. Kimberly June says: May 19, 20109:15 pm

    SO CUTE! SO SWEET! I have a toothache looking at these pics!

  3. Annie says: May 19, 20109:16 pm

    You look so adorable and so happy in these shots, and the band looks gorgeous too!

    Lovin' your blog

  4. jenny says: May 19, 20109:16 pm

    You are adorable! Love the headband and the skirt, and shoes! Your entire outfit just works perfectly together. πŸ™‚

  5. Anonymous says: May 19, 20109:22 pm

    omg lol

  6. Maria says: May 19, 20109:23 pm

    what an awesome headband! you look adorable Keiko, and love the splash of color :3

  7. Nadine says: May 19, 20109:25 pm

    omg this is so cute!amazing! i love your skirt

  8. OooKellyNicky says: May 19, 20109:26 pm

    Wow, talk about the drama, I love the detail on that skirt.. super cute with those pointy-toed shoes! Great blog, love the bling!

    my blog: β™₯La Stylin Girraffeβ™₯

  9. Krameymartin says: May 19, 20109:27 pm

    Love the colorful bow with the demure black dress!

  10. libys11 says: May 19, 20109:29 pm

    too adorable for words!!! i love that the colors in the headband and the rosettes in that skirt really pop out!! πŸ˜€ this really made me smile! πŸ˜€

  11. Jessica Eubanks says: May 19, 20109:34 pm

    I wish i could make my hair look like that! I need lessons lol very cute!

  12. Dixi Wonderland says: May 19, 20109:39 pm

    You always look like a doll πŸ˜€

  13. Becky says: May 19, 20109:41 pm

    That bow is adorable! Your heels just POP!

  14. Karen Beth says: May 19, 20109:42 pm

    Your eyes are always so amazing. What kind of eyeliner do you use?


  15. Hayley says: May 19, 20109:49 pm

    I love your blog! That bow is so adorable and the dress is stunning! Wonderful photos πŸ™‚

    I created my blog a few days ago and I would love for you to check it out and give me some feedback πŸ™‚


  16. Shannon Lambert says: May 19, 20109:54 pm

    Two things: What lipstick/colour is that (check out my crazy U in the word colour…us Canadians are weird!)
    Also, I demand a coughing photo in all it's hacking glory.

    Oh…I have a third thing…I like how your nail polish matches the lollipop. Whether it was on purpose or not, awesome!

  17. v. says: May 19, 20109:57 pm

    You look so cut! Would you mind sharing what your nail polish is? I love it!

  18. Brandee says: May 19, 201010:03 pm

    Holy. Crap.
    This outfit is AMAZING!!! Very whimsical yet beautifulllll.

    -Brandee, http://www.andfancyfree.com

  19. Q's Daydream says: May 19, 201010:03 pm

    These are adorable! How do you get your red lips so perfect!?

  20. Liz says: May 19, 201010:06 pm

    Its not fair you get to be this cute.

  21. Julie says: May 19, 201010:29 pm

    What a great headband! You look wonderful. Now I need a sucker.

  22. dreamylacey says: May 19, 201010:38 pm

    la jupe est juste fantastic!!!! I love this outfit. it is fun and elegant!!!


  23. Las Lolicas de ayer, hoy y siempre says: May 19, 201010:48 pm

    love the skirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I like your blog and all of your outfits!!!


  24. oceans says: May 19, 201010:54 pm

    What nail polish are you wearing? Brand and color? You are so cute. I love reading your blog and seeing your outfits. πŸ™‚

  25. Gracie says: May 19, 201011:06 pm

    Oooo how do you manage to look so pretty all the time? And how do you manage to put that red lipstick on so perfectly! Love the headband!

  26. Lemondrop Marie says: May 19, 201011:12 pm

    Totally sweet bow, and I love the dress!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  27. Sarah K. says: May 19, 201011:25 pm

    you look amazing! the pictures are just the cutest. and I loooove that skirt.

  28. AlejandrA says: May 19, 201011:45 pm

    your style is very nice!!
    great pics!

  29. L says: May 20, 201012:12 am

    this is precious!
    you have such white teeth!
    love the lollipop.
    kids at heart πŸ™‚


  30. Elissa says: May 20, 201012:21 am

    Aw I tried to upload a photo but their site isn't working anymore… jeezzzzzz πŸ˜‰ They have some seriously cute headbands!

  31. Like Square Polka Dots (Caroline) says: May 20, 201012:22 am

    Love this! So cute and playful. I like the entire black outfit with the pop of color at the top and bottom. Grrreat volume in that skirt.

  32. Becca Jane says: May 20, 201012:36 am

    This headband is so cute, and I love the outfit you've paired it with! So lovely. Big fan of ban.do..

  33. A.Co says: May 20, 201012:42 am

    I'm feeling these photos! Wow!

    The red lipstick looks soo good on you!

    What a sweet ban.do headband! I've seen them before (via CoJ as well).

    Fantastic skirt (ie. former dress)

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

    PS – just found your blog tonight! Keep up the great blogging.

  34. kelly ann says: May 20, 20101:18 am

    oh man, i've loved that headband for a long time, too! it's so perfect. you look DARLING. <3

  35. Smacko says: May 20, 20101:22 am

    That is the cutest headband! It reminds me of candy land πŸ˜€

    Love and Turtledoves,

  36. becca says: May 20, 20101:32 am

    I legit swooned when the first photo popped up in my blog reader. Love the headband, but you look so great with a red lip!! This whole outfit is just so fun!!

  37. Hal says: May 20, 20101:38 am

    Oh, it's so adorable, especially with that lipstick and pretty smile πŸ™‚


  38. β™₯Mishi Γ  la modeβ™₯ says: May 20, 20101:45 am

    the bow is so cute!!!

  39. Lulu says: May 20, 20101:54 am

    your lips are the most gorgeous shape! red lipstick looks so awesome on you. and i love your lollipop haha

  40. Fifth Sparrow says: May 20, 20102:26 am

    These photos are instant "pick me ups!". You look adorable, I love that dress!

  41. Tailoverteakettle says: May 20, 20102:32 am

    Oh my goodness! I've loved Ban.do for sooooo long. That headband looks so ace on you. I may break down and finally get one of those headbands for myself.


  42. samantha chu says: May 20, 20102:58 am

    i love your blog! your pictures are always so gorgeous, and i just love the girly, feminine touch to each of your looks!

  43. Kristina@metamorphstyle.com says: May 20, 20103:11 am

    The skirt is great. What a wonderful idea to turn a crazy 80's dress into a more shapely silhouette. Love it!

  44. Bub says: May 20, 20103:15 am

    Found your blog through lookbook and these photos look adorable! You look so cute. Love love love the headband
    following. follow me?

  45. Meghan says: May 20, 20104:04 am

    I love that headband!

  46. June Paski says: May 20, 20104:04 am

    so cutee, love ur headband!

  47. gina says: May 20, 20104:12 am

    What a fun hairbow!

  48. Heather Lynn says: May 20, 20104:19 am

    That is by far the best headband I've ever seen.

  49. ShoesForDessert says: May 20, 20104:31 am

    Wow that skirt is so cute and fun! I love that it was an entire dress (definitely spells 80's ha!) And yes, I agree about the makeup lessons! FLAWLESS


  50. bestie says: May 20, 20104:53 am

    You are such a doll!!

  51. Elle Croft says: May 20, 20104:57 am

    This whole outfit is AWESOME! Love the pops of colour.


  52. Mo says: May 20, 20105:28 am

    loooooove that skirt !

  53. Bryce says: May 20, 20105:32 am

    I'm always amazed at how your makeup is perfect in every picture! I wish I had your talents.

  54. Sandy a la Mode says: May 20, 20106:18 am

    wow, i love it all!! your hair, the bow, your outfit, your shoes and the yummy lollipop! and you are just GORGEOUS!!

  55. butterfly307 says: May 20, 20107:16 am

    What an amazing skirt!!!
    And such and adorable headband!! You're such a candy!!! <3

  56. sarah says: May 20, 20107:36 am

    I love that you take the time to do such a perfect make up to take your pictures.
    That dress is stunning and is giving me so much inspiration.

  57. misscola says: May 20, 20108:49 am

    You look really beautiful with this wonderful bow πŸ˜‰
    It fits you perfectly, love your outfit and pictures

  58. diariodeunacouturier says: May 20, 20109:06 am

    I love the contrast between black and colours

  59. jane says: May 20, 20109:18 am

    WOW gorgeous outfit, i really adore it… MAGNIFIQUE!!!

  60. Helen says: May 20, 20109:26 am

    I love this bow! it's lovely. Looks great with your lipstick too.

  61. MissMarbelle says: May 20, 201012:27 pm

    Super fun accessory, and you carry it so well! I might try to be braver about giant bows now πŸ™‚ Sometimes I put them on in the morning and then end up changing my mind before I leave the house.

  62. Ivania santos By DIAMOND says: May 20, 201012:35 pm

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your look honey πŸ˜‰

    Very fashion <3

    xoxo* by Portugal

  63. Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes says: May 20, 201012:46 pm

    I love that bow, it's gorgeous.

  64. MOUSEVOX VINTAGE says: May 20, 20102:07 pm

    Love the shape of your skirt. Well done!

  65. monkeyandsquirrel says: May 20, 20102:08 pm

    could you be any cuter? i do not think so πŸ™‚

  66. Shannon says: May 20, 20103:07 pm

    I read about ban.do on Cup of Jo as well! This headband is so fun. I'm thinking of buying one of their pieces for my upcoming wedding; it's hard to choose just one.

  67. KT says: May 20, 20103:56 pm

    This bow is adorable. I like how you kept the outfit all black and then the pop of color in your shoes and bow.

  68. Anonymous says: May 20, 20104:19 pm

    cute! i think you don't need so much make up though. you are pretty without the heavy lips and brows!

  69. PenPot says: May 20, 20104:54 pm

    So cute!!!!

  70. Jonrah says: May 20, 20105:19 pm

    lol you make me laugh!

  71. revital says: May 20, 20106:22 pm

    you are soooo adorable!! the outfit is great and you look stunning as always!


  72. Iva says: May 20, 20108:43 pm

    omg YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!! and I really want to know what lipstick that is LOL, its so gorgeous on you!!

  73. Adri says: May 20, 201010:34 pm

    I never comment on blogs but I had to express my opinion… You are STUNNING! πŸ˜€ luv the headband too!

  74. IP Lawyers Melbourne says: May 21, 201012:22 am

    very colorful, really are eyecathing, love them very much, great design

  75. Keiko Lynn says: May 21, 201012:54 am

    Thanks everyone!

    Karen: Thanks! I use MAC fluidline. In these, I used MAC blacktrack fluidline (sometimes I use dipdown or others) with a bent brush from sonia kashuk.

  76. Keiko Lynn says: May 21, 201012:55 am

    V. : I can't remember the name! It's an essie nailpolish, and I have a minx sticker thing on one finger on each hand. I'll post pics soon.

  77. Keiko Lynn says: May 21, 201012:56 am

    Q's daydream: I was on MAC's website and they actually have a fantastic tutorial, though it is more involved than my own. I generally exfoliate my lips first, then use lipliner all over my lips (NOT just on the edges). I then go over it with the lipstick, and fine tune it with a lipbrush.

  78. Keiko Lynn says: May 21, 201012:56 am

    oceans: I know it's essie, but I don't know the color! I'm sorry.

  79. Keiko Lynn says: May 21, 201012:57 am

    Oh! My lipstick is MAC Russian Red. The best red!

  80. Carolyn says: May 21, 20104:12 am

    oh my you are ADORABLE.

  81. Manja says: May 21, 20105:12 pm

    Keiko you look great!!! From your outfit, accessories (that headband is awesome!) down to your make-up and nailpolish πŸ™‚

  82. Jonna says: May 21, 20107:21 pm

    Stunning pictures! I love the bow headband πŸ™‚

  83. Trishna says: May 22, 20109:44 pm

    It might sound like a cliche but you truly re picture perfect. πŸ™‚

  84. sexylegsandbody says: May 23, 20103:39 am

    I am sure you have heard this a thousand times, but you may hear it another thousand times, you are truly beautiful, a natural beauty that glows and sparkles. These pictures are fantastic!

    Have a lovely day.

  85. goodbyestockholm says: May 23, 201011:05 pm

    fun and very cute!

  86. Jenni says: May 23, 201011:54 pm

    these are so adorable!

    Hacking up a lung? I hope you feel better!

  87. Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) says: May 24, 20101:28 am

    You look so cute!! The bow is adorable and I love all your silly poses! so cute!


  88. andrea k (blonde bedhead) says: May 24, 20102:23 am

    GORGEOUS! You are so lovely! Everything about this look and photos=perfection!

  89. gayle says: June 6, 20102:38 am

    wow. i need that headband in my life!
    haha πŸ™‚


  90. Fiamma says: June 7, 20105:46 pm

    Sweet like candy!